At the ceremonial promotion of Algebra University, held at Lauba, more than a thousand guests gathered, including graduates, their family members, and professors. Diplomas were awarded to 234 graduates from four undergraduate programmes and four professional graduate study programmes, including the professional graduate program in Business Administration, e-Leadership MBA. The twelfth generation of Algebra graduates includes bachelors and masters in applied and Multimedia computing, Digital marketing, Design and Creative market communications management, System and Software Engineering, and Business administration.

Rector of Algebra University, Associate Professor Dr. Mislav Balković said in a speech: “Creating a platform that can change the world is a goal truly worth living for. For this goal, the faith, work, energy, and will of hundreds of people have been invested so far. Sincere wishes and hopes have been invested, hoping that one day we will succeed. Twenty-six years have been invested. Few goals are more valuable than creating an excellent university, but that is not really a goal. It is a job that can never truly be finished.”

Members of the promotion committee, along with Rector Balković, were Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Professor Dr. Vladimir Šimović, and Vice-Rector for Science and Research, Professor Dr. Leo Mršić.

Inspirational speeches were given to the graduates by Damjan Rudež, Croatian basketball player and former national team member, and Ivana Krajinović, director of Večernji list, reminding them of the importance of lifelong education and perseverance in their career paths, despite obstacles, ups, and downs.

Awards and commendations from the University Council were given to the best students of the class of 2024. On behalf of the awarded students, a thank-you speech was delivered by Emanuel Miličević, a bachelor of digital marketing at Algebra University: “Algebra’s slogan – Be excellent in what you love – has guided me through all my years of studying, constantly reminding me why I am here.”

In 2023, Algebra received formal university status from the Ministry of Science and Education, becoming the first private university in Croatia to focus on the digital paradigm of future professions. The academic year 2023/2024 began with a record number of over 2,100 enrolled students, an 18% increase compared to the previous academic year. This growth signals that Algebra is a trusted institution among young people aspiring to digital careers, which is a particularly good result given that the entire country has seen an 18.8% decrease in high school students over the past 10 years.

In 2024, Algebra University launched three entirely new undergraduate programs, two of which are the first of their kind in Croatia – Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Business Economics and Digital Business. The third is the undergraduate program in Software Engineering, which will replace the existing professional study of the same name that has been attracting excellent high school graduates eager for prestigious careers in the IT industry for years.