Let me briefly introduce you to Algebra University and its study programmes that keep pace with the digital industry, so that you can more easily choose a higher education institution and a career path that suits you.

Digital technologies have been experiencing exponential growth for decades and they are nowadays present in every economic sector as one of the fastest-growing areas of human activity. By choosing one of the study programmes in this propulsive field, you can jumpstart your career in informatics and computing, as well as in multimedia production, digital economics or digital marketing.

While developing all our study programmes we had in mind the digital transformation, that is, the paradigm shift in business, marketing, design or multimedia. Therefore, the knowledge gained during studies represents a competitive advantage and a future career investment for our graduates. The study programmes in the field of computing are focused equally on present-day technologies as well as on new technologies, thus making a strong base of understanding key approaches and concepts in this area. Much like computing, our study programme in informatics is also relatively avant-garde in the Croatian higher education area because it puts great emphasis on data science and artificial intelligence already at the undergraduate level.

Finally, our MBA study programme is conducted by our business school and taught by teachers from the Kelley School of Business, the fifth-best business school in the US that has been offering an MBA programme for more than 130 years. The MBA study programme offers a unique combination of technology, business management and leadership skills.

Our programmes are aimed at acquiring knowledge, as well as practical and applicable skills that the business sector is looking for today. Almost all of our study programmes offer international industry certification, which ensures high recognition and employability within the profession for every graduated engineer in computing or game development, BA degree graduate in digital marketing or design. We continuously improve our study programmes following changes in the labour market, technological trends and the needs of the future.

I believe that this website will give you valuable insight into our institution, study programmes, and thoughts shared by our teachers and graduates alike so that you can assess whether we are the right place for your career development. Be responsible when making a choice, because a career choice matters as much as the choice of the institution where you build it.

We hope that you will choose Algebra University and thus help us pave your way into the digital future.

Assist. Prof. Mislav Balković

Rector of Algebra University