Your time spent in higher education should not be just an intermezzo, a short break between the innocence of school life and the harsh future where hope that you will ever find a career you love slowly wanes.

More than twenty years ago, we realized we have to do something about this. We knew we can and must offer something more than that. That is why Algebra opened its doors. Because of you.

You are the reason we work hard every day to improve and perfect our offer. You are the reason we never compromise on quality. We want you to discover the best version of yourself during your time on Algebra University. To find a field of work you will be passionate about and become really good at it.

Of course we take pride in all the awards and accolades received during the years. We are glad when others recognize our efforts. But our number one concern is deserving the trust you put in us.

We chose our lecturers very carefully. They will be your guides on the journey toward graduation. Their mission is to give you useful, recent and applicable knowledge of their respective areas. To make you a true expert with shining career prospects. Each lecture is envisioned as a small but significant step toward that goal. Their passion will rub onto you if you let it.

See you around the campus,

Your Algebra

A few more things about us

Algebra University is the flagship of largest private educational organization in Republic of Croatia and the region (Algebra group), present today in more than 20 cities across Croatia. Founded in 1998, we currently have more than 150 full-time employees and more than 600 associated experts and higher educational faculties employed also in industry.

Annually, we educate around 15.000 students through various seminars and short educational programmes in adult education, additional 3.000 kids and young in Digital Academy and State Matura exam prep. programmes, while in higher education we enrol more than 400 new students each year. The quality of Algebra has been recognized by our students as well as by all major software manufacturers.

We are located in historic CUC campus in the heart of Croatian capital Zagreb, while adult education and training programmes are conducted also in: Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Varaždin and Dubrovnik, as well as in more than ten other smaller cities. We currently offer almost thousand shorter educational programmes (up to 2 weeks), some 50 accredited longer adult educational programmes and 10 accredited higher educational study programmes / specializations.

Many of our programmes are authorized by global software and equipment manufacturers such as: Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Red Hat, VMware, Adobe, Autodesk, EC-Council, (ISC)2 and others. We are academic and/or educational partner of all stated vendors, for most of them the only one in Croatia.

Most of the educational programmes for the acquisition of new qualifications, as well as all study programmes in higher education, are accredited by Ministry of Science and Education and are thus linked to European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Today, we organize 6 Professional Bachelor Study Programmes and 7 Professional Master Study Programmes / specializations:

Professional Bachelor Study Programmes (Bachelor)

Professional Master Study Programmes (Master)


Apart from our teaching focus, we are also dedicated to applied research. Thus, our Research LAB provides research, services and solutions in areas of:

  • Data science
  • Application of information technology in education, including: digital educational content, distance learning systems and assessment systems
  • Evidence based Labour market and educational policy research and development

Our overall approach to education and our quality has been recognized within Croatia by our national higher education regulatory agency (Agency for Science and Higher Education) where we got best results between all Universities of Applied Sciences in respect to quality assurance as well as in respect to the quality of overall educational process.

Furthermore, similar recognition on the global level came in 2014 from Microsoft, which awarded us “Learning Partner of the Year” in strong competition of 3200 partners worldwide.

Finally, our Research LAB scientists won in 2017 European Big Data Hackathon organized by European Commission, competing with data scientists representing most EU countries.

Our business model

Algebra was built as a result of synergy created by numerous elements of the overall system. All those elements are focused on knowledge creation, use and dissemination. If we had to put our business strategy in just one sentence, it would be:

Creation, dissemination and use of top quality applicable knowledge