A panel of international experts formed and led by NVAO especially commended Algebra University for:

  • quality of its program and internal quality assurance procedures that will enable future high-quality implementation of new programmes;
  • efforts to create ideal environments in classrooms by attracting motivated students and the best lecturers;
  • strong partnership with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb;
  • synergy with Algebra education group, the founder of Algebra University, which enables valuable experience in professional IT education;
  • elaborate system of scholarships and grants in order to stimulate students with the highest potential to enroll in Algebra University;
  • excellent computer infrastructure, computer workshops and e-learning systems;
  • college administration aware of potential economic and financial difficulties and ready to react quickly in order to minimize their impact.

In addition to these commendations, NVAO provided useful recommendations and guidelines for further development and improvement of existing systems which will be changing and evolving in line with the development of the institution and the increasing number of students and study programmes.

The evaluation report can be downloaded here.