The Economic Council members meet at least twice a year to discuss the most important trends and practices relevant to the economy and society, with the primary goal of improving the transfer of knowledge and innovation from the University to the economic sector. Furthermore, with its recommendations and guidelines, the Council contributes to defining the strategic development guidelines of Algebra University.

The Economic Council was a body first established at Algebra University College, and it had similar responsibilities as those of the Economic Council of Algebra University. The key focus of the Council was on the content of study programs, internships and technologies used in teaching. During the fifteen years of its work, the Economic Council made a significant contribution to the development of the institution and contributed to its importance both in industry and society, by taking care that the study programs provided students with all the knowledge and skills needed in the labour market.


The new Economic Council of Algebra University was established to encourage quality cooperation with the economy and adapt educational programmes to the needs of the labour market.


The members of the Economic Council of Algebra University represent eminent companies and people from a representative cross-section of the economic portfolio of Croatia.


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