Our mission is to develop a dynamic and innovative environment that empowers our students, trainees and researchers to become leaders in the development and application of digital technologies in various fields. We combine high-quality study and educational programmes with direct practical experience gained through professional practice, participation in innovative projects, applied research and cooperation with the economy, and we are committed to developing experts ready to solve global challenges and create new knowledge in modern society. We promote and encourage lifelong learning at all levels of education, thereby contributing to the development of the local community, economy and society. We shape our University as a diverse, inclusive community, whose imperatives are collaboration and creativity and where ethical and sustainable approaches to technology development are of utmost importance.


Algebra University aspires to be a centre of excellence in education and research in the field of digital technologies. Our vision is to become an institution recognized for its contributions to advanced digital technologies, a place from which not only top specialists emerge, but also ethical innovators and instigators of change. Our goal is to build strong partnerships with industries and academia around the world, creating a vibrant ecosystem where research, entrepreneurship and social impact converge. We strive to be a factor in creating technological progress, act in accordance with the goals of sustainable development and serve our local community and beyond.