Knowledge transfer

At the heart of our university lies a commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise with the community. Projects within the ‘Knowledge Transfer’ group represent a bridge between academic excellence and practical application in industry, education and society in general. Through these initiatives, our researchers and students work hand in hand with Croatian and international partners from different sectors to convey valuable discoveries and innovations that can transform our daily lives.

Research, development and innovation

A commitment to research, development and innovation outlines our academic spirit and aspirations for excellence. The projects in this group reflect our ongoing search for new knowledge and solutions that cross the boundaries of existing scientific and technological constraints. Through a multidisciplinary approach and cooperation with Croatian and international partners, our community of researchers strives to solve the complex challenges of today and tomorrow, paving the way for innovations that have the potential to change the world.

Institutional development

In order to maintain a high level of our academic and research achievements, it is crucial to work continuously to develop our institution. Projects in this group are focused on advancing our infrastructure, resources and processes, ensuring that our university not only monitors but also leads changes in education and science. Through these initiatives, we are committed to creating an environment that enables our students, teachers and non-teaching staff to realize their full potential, fostering innovation, collaboration and excellence in all aspects of our work.