We believe that you have recognized three of ours specific features worth considering when deciding on your career and when choosing institution in which you will build it.

First of all, our students acquire knowledge necessary for fast growing industries based on digital technologies. This gives them a strong tailwind and enables them to choose a career for which the demand will increase significantly in the future. Even though there are still jobs and careers in the “old” economy, we are convinced that the path towards the digital era and the “new” economy is the right path that will, in the long term, provide students with a platform for personal development and high employability. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the fact that 96 % of our students start working within three months after graduation.

Our second competitive advantage is constant monitoring of technological developments as well as the real needs of employers, which results in academic program improvements. Recognizing the advancements in education worldwide, we were the first institution to apply modern qualification framework approach in design of our programmes and have developed the implementation methodology for it. It is precisely this methodology that became a part of the official guidelines which will be applied during the following years by other institutions in accordance with the more diverse needs of employers and technological developments.

Finally, our third specific feature is the orientation towards true quality demonstrated by the assessment of our quality assurance system by the Agency for Science and Higher Education. We proudly point out that in 2014 we were named the best Microsoft learning partner in the world.

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