Republic of Croatia subsidizes its full time students and this subsidy applies also to international and exchange students from EU countries.

Subsidized food is available in public student restaurants, where 3 meals per day food plan allow for good quality and quantity food plan for approximately 100 to 170 EUR / month.

Similarly, public student dormitory accommodation in newly refurbished, good quality rooms for 2-3 students would cost each student around 100 EUR per month. In following years, we will have such dormitory in our campus, while now we use few well maintained public dormitories in relative vicinity of our campus (3-5 km). Also, if the student wish to stay in a private accommodation, we assist them to find private accommodation as we closely cooperate with Home In Zagreb agency, but we could also provide helpful links to other rental agencies that offer long and short term apartment rental. If the students want to stay in a hostel, we could recommend modern & urban designed hostels, located in the heart of Zagreb which would cost them around 250-500€/three weeks, depending on the season. The international students who already attended our courses recommend and services.

Although prices of private accommodation in Zagreb may vary depending of the city area, size and amenities that apartments include, the University College would be happy to assist you in finding accommodation.