Algebra University hosted a spring blended intensive programme “Special Topics in Digital Marketing”. This intensive module brought together students and lecturers from Croatia (Algebra University), Belgium (PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts) and Germany (Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences), various disciplines (business, digital marketing, and computer science) to explore the rapidly growing world of the Metaverse.

The programme was an immersive dive into the Metaverse’s business potential, throughout which students developed comprehensive Go-to-Market strategies for Metaverse services, working in international and multidisciplinary teams.

Participants attended interactive workshops and coaching sessions, maintaining the balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application, pivotal in honing their skills. The mandatory online seminars preceding the intensive week provided a solid groundwork, ensuring everyone was well-prepared for the collaborative and fast-paced environment that followed.

One of the standout aspects of the programme was its emphasis on teamwork and diversity. Students from different nationalities and academic backgrounds came together, sharing their unique perspectives and expertise. This intercultural exchange was enriching, fostering a deeper understanding of global digital marketing trends and practices.

The learning experience wrapped up with some hands-on assessments, where students showcased their projects and pitches to an expert jury, just like they would in real-world scenarios to attract potential investors. The feedback from these sessions was invaluable, offering students insights into the practical challenges and opportunities of launching Metaverse services.

Beyond the classroom, the programme included a trip to the Trakošćan Castle and the Krapina Neanderthal Museum, which added a cultural dimension to the educational experience.

Students completed the programme with a profound understanding of the Metaverse and its business applications, equipped with skills that are increasingly relevant in today’s digital landscape.

Next year’s iteration of this international cooperation is set to take place in spring 2025, in Belgium at PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, when new generations of Digital Marketing students will be selected to represent Algebra.