Modern educational institutions positioned at the top of the world’s competitive scale, provide a layered functional link between the students and their careers, academic education and the economy, withing the framework of the long-term national development strategy. This strategic commitment is at the heart of the business model of Algebra University as well.

Building the career of every Algebra student and the career progress of our alumni is ensured, among other initiatives, through our Career Centre, which represents a meeting place between our students, employers and alumni. The Career Centre is the students’ main point of information, from the moment they start thinking about enrolling until graduation. While studying at Algebra University, the Career Centre has an advisory role through a number of activities: providing study aids and support in learning, advising the students on further academic development, if needed, providing them with professional psychological assistance, organizing supplementary and additional classes and mentoring workshops, providing career counseling, planning and participating in the implementation of professional internships and connecting the students with employers. At the same time, the Career Centre provides informtion to employers and the interested professional comunity, who recognize the importance of our educational programmes and want to build a long-term cooperation with Algebra.

The Career Centre is also actively engaged towards improving the quality of the study experience by supporting, motivating and providing career guidance to students. These activities help the students to successfully deal with academic challenges, advance in their studies and start forging their career path even during their studies.

are intended primarily for first-year bachelor students, who are assigned mentors who assist and guide them throughout the academic year, by means of a unique (thematic) program, as part of workshops on personal and career development. Mentoring workshops also include performing self-assessment tests.

are a compulsory element of studying at Algebra University, in accordance with the Regulations on Professional Internships of Algebra University. Students undertake their professional internships as part of the corresponding study course in the chosen study program. The length of the internship is proportionate to the program. The Career Centre refers the students to the internship within a year of enrolling in the respective program course. The internship may be completed with one of the designated employers with which Algebra has signed agreements, however, students are also invited to take initiative and find placements with other employers where they would like to expand their knowledge, depending on personal preferences. The goal of the professional internship is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire (additional) practical knowledge and skills during their studies, by working in a real business environment with the support of a mentor.

are organized in the framework of a specific course, based on the course program or as additional content. Visiting lecturers are recognized experts in the relevant fields, who provide students with knowledge and insights on the latest trends, technologies and market demands, through examples from real life and in coordination with course lecturers.

Vision of the Career Centre

The Career Centre is the central meeting point for Algebra University students, the academic and professional community, and employers. Through various platforms – education, counseling, student internships, support for student initiatives – we strive to shape the future of education and the professional development of our students.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies, visiting companies is an opportunity for the students to observe how this knowledge is applied in a real business environment.

A series of social events with the students that cover various topics related to career development (networking, recommendations for student jobs and activities they can get involved in).

Continuously preparaing the students for their entry into the labor market and guiding their skills (writing resumes and letters of motivation, preparing for a job interview, simulating a job interview, practicing communication and presentation skills) through various activities as part of the study program.

Career Centre Mission

Our mission is to provide services that enable students in bachelor and/or master studies and alumni for an effective transition from education to the labor market. We support students as they explore and further understand themselves and career options, gain valuable experience, develop as professionals, and launch their post-graduation career plans.

To achieve this mission:

  • We educate job seekers for effective representation to employers
  • We create partnerships with employers, former students, higher education institutions and the community that provide opportunities for student career development
  • We provide resources and information related to labor market trends and contemporary employment issues;
  • We promote the ethical practice of all participants involved in the process of job search and employment
Head of Career Centre: Irena Donaj

Telephone: +385 1 5809 324

Open hours for students:
  • office: 400 C – 1. kat
  • every thursday: 10:00 – 18:00

For arranging other appointments, please contact us at

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