Classes taken. Check. Essays submitted. Check. Exams passed. Check. Time to let off some steam and join us on one of our legendary parties or events.

Freshmen parties

A beginning of every new adventure must be celebrated in style. As a welcoming present for our new students we organize epic parties each year. Do not forget to don your dancing shoes and prepare some seriously wicked grooves.

BBQ Party

Cool crowd. Cool atmosphere. A friendly chat and alluring smell of sizzling meat and veggies. That is a common theme of each academic year’s end.
Our chef has prudently protected his marinade recipe with a triple DES encryption. Our experts are trying their best to decode it, but, let’s be honest, it might take a while.

Geek Day – Open days of Algebra University

join in on the next, traditional Geek Day. This event is a boon for high schoolers, students and all tech lovers out there. on Open days we mingle with expert lecturers and steal their secrets about topics such as pregramming, robotics, multimedia, 3D graphics and video games.