Hrvoje Stipanov and Mislav Spajić

After completing the Master’s degree in Data Science in Algebra, Hrvoje and Mislav joined the HPB as Data Architects for the development of advanced analytical models and reporting systems.

Dorothy Phiri

Dorothy’s sister invited her to come see her nieces and visit the country where she lives – Croatia. Dorothy is from Zambia, and more than anything, she wanted to go to college. She realized that the fees of quality college courses were much more affordable in Croatia than of the same-ranking colleges in Zambia, so she did not have to think twice. She decided to start her academic path precisely in Croatia.

Vedran Mandić

Vedran Mandić

My dad was the one who first noticed the program at Algebra University. He was the one who recognized the right timing and the potential of IT industry for me. Initially, I was preparing to get into the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, but luckily I changed my choice and enrolled in the Software Engineering program.

Šime Zagorac

Our alumni are living proof that knowledge obtained at Algebra University goes far beyond borders and boundaries. The other one is Šime Zagorac, who comes from Polača near Zadar in Croatia and has finished our bachelor’s program in system engineering. Today, he works and travels with his job as a systems engineer aboard a cruise ship of one of the biggest companies for passenger transportation in the world

Marija Morić

Namely, fully aware of the quality level of the programmes offered at Algebra University, I chose the Multimedia Computing programme. I would risk saying that some parts of the programme even exceeded my level of expectations.

Emanuel Miličević

The greatest advantage of Algebra University is definitely my colleagues who specialize in different areas of IT and the professors who are experienced not only in the academic sphere, but also have practical experience. Apart from theoretical knowledge, our teachers regularly share up-to-date examples from practice – how something should and should not be done, and together we stay apace with the current trends in the world of IT.

Dijana Ćuzela

With her patented product—sugar paste CLEOPATRA—she won the Gold Medal at the most prestigious international fair of innovation, “PALEXPO,” in Geneva and a Special Prize from the Russian Federation for Innovation. Followed by another series of awards: the silver medal for innovation in Seoul, the special prize of the South Korean Intellectual Property Office, and the special award of the European Association of Women Inventors.

Antonia Šakić

Antonia Šakić is our student in the professional undergraduate program in Digital Marketing, and she has already secured employment as an online media planner assistant at Universal McCann (UM) during her studies.

Matija Komorčec

Matija Komorčec finished the professional study program Multimedia Computing at Algebra University. He is now living and working in Germany, at HCL Technologies, as a Development Engineer (Developer) with a focus on JavaScript. Questions that so far have led to this part of the conversation would be that of asking why he decided to come to work in Germany, the relevance of what he studied for the job, and what he had been doing prior to coming to Germany.

Andrej Pavelić, Mario Filjak i Karlo Kožul

Andrej Pavelić, Mario Filjak, and Karlo Kožul are 3rd-year undergraduate students specialising in Software Engineering within the Applied Computing programme. Today, they work for Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Matija Vigato

I fell in love with video games after high school. I believe that the dualities they exhibit: between art and play, intellect and emotions, contemplation and agency, are the dualities we encounter in our everyday lives. In their ideal form, video games could be one of our best teachers of how to live.