At only 22, this young entrepreneur from Rijeka, Croatia, has already won the Gold Medal for Innovation in the field of Cosmetics and Medicine at the most prestigious international innovations fair “PALEXPO” in Geneva, as well as the special award of the Russian Federation for innovation – for her patented product, the CLEOPATRA sugar paste. She went on to win numerous other recognitions, including the Silver Medal for Innovation in Seoul, a special recognition of the Institute of Intellectual Property of South Korea and a special European Women Innovators award. She has also won the title of the COSMO Entrepreneur of 2015. Today, CLEOPATRA exports its products to more than 10 countries in Europe and can be found on the shelves of all major European cosmetics shops.

Having just completed a four-year business school program, I was not planning on enrolling in a master program right away, instead wanting to focus more intensely on growing my company and innovations. However, I remember the moment I saw Algebra’s ad about Digital Marketing as a modern new and program and the first of its kind in this part of Europe. I just knew that the Digital Marketing study programme was the thing that would get my company and my products to an entirely new level and that this knowledge would make me more competitive.

Marketing is the most important segment of my business. An extenuating circumstance is that I produce sugar paste for Egyptian hair removal, which is the main focus of my company, and so far, I don’t have any serious competition in this market niche, but this does not mean there won’t be any. That is why it is important to constantly remain in the media, promoting your product and informing the clients about its many advantages, and the most efficient way to do that for those without a big budget – is through digital marketing.

A modern study programme is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurial success the way I envision it. In the future, the ratio of print media in marketing plans will be even lower. We are moving in the direction of ever greater degree of digitalization and it is a matter of time when the only form of marketing will be digital. With time, all marketing agencies will have to turn to digital marketing, and, as they say, the early bird gets the worm – Algebra’s students will be the first and only ones with the right knowhow.

Many people ask me how I manage to combine studying in Zagreb with my personal life and business in Rijeka. Since Algebra offers the possibility of online classes, as well as classes on Saturdays, it is not a problem to fit these two together. I employ seven top young associates, I have a great team who knows what our goals are and how to achieve them. Besides, the different communication channels available today bring us closer together, so Rijeka is not that far away anymore. Personally, I like Zagreb and have many ties with it. I would like to end with Picasso’s saying – “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”