Dorothy’s sister invited her to come see her nieces and visit the country where she lives – Croatia. Dorothy is from Zambia, and more than anything, she wanted to go to college. She realized that the fees of quality college courses were much more affordable in Croatia than of the same-ranking colleges in Zambia, so she did not have to think twice. She decided to start her academic path precisely in Croatia.

“At first I wanted to study law, but because of the language barrier, I opted for Software Engineering at Algebra.”

She helped her sister with babysitting and it was very fortunate that she did not have to pay for accommodation because she could live with her sister.

Before it even occurred to her to study software engineering, Dorothy thought it would be too hard and that she would never be able to graduate. However, she had the feeling that the study programme was the right fit for her and that things would get easier one step at a time.

“Everything seemed really difficult at first, but when I figured out a few things, it became much easier.”

Before she finishes her bachelor program at Algebra University she still has to pass her final exam and complete her final thesis, however, Dorothy already has a job in the field. More precisely, she got the job at the end of her sophomore year, thanks to the work and effort she invested in her education and her future.

She believes she chose her career path wisely because “it is the field of the future – today everything is moving in the direction of digital.”

In the future, her goal is to start her own company in her native Zambia. She believes the knowledge she acquired will be very useful for development of different software solutions, much needed in her country.

Even though she has a clear plan, Dorothy sometimes allows herself to dream even a little bigger.

“My dream job is to work for NASA. I want to work on IA development.”

Perhaps the job at NASA seems out of reach, but we are sure that today, with the right knowledge, nothing is impossible anymore.

Before she makes plans for the future, Dorothy will enjoy some more time in Croatia. She is going to enroll in the Software Engineering master program at Algebra University, which will be an even better springboard for new accomplishments on the labor market.