Almost 80 employees, 3 offices and 10 years of creating exceptional software. Emanuel has been able to work such a challenging job, among other things, thanks to being enrolled in the Multimedia Computing study programme. As screen designer at Infinum company, he apples much of the knowledge and experience he gained in his first year of bachelor study.  

After completing a web design program, I wanted to keep specializing in this field. When I found out about Algebra University and the Multimedia program, I started doing some research. Since I already had the experience of studying at another college that did not satisfy my interests, I thoroughly examined the program content and individual courses, comparing them to other institutions, and in the end decided that Algebra University was the right choice for me after all. After an interview at Algebra’s Career Centre, I made the final decision to enroll. I wasn’t wrong, because I now learn so much and acquire new skills in different areas that interest me – design, video, photography and 3D Design study programme. During the remainder of my time at Algebra, I would like to further specialize in one or two of these areas.

The greatest advantage of Algebra University is definitely my colleagues who specialize in different areas of IT and the professors who are experienced not only in the academic sphere, but also have practical experience. Apart from theoretical knowledge, our teachers regularly share up-to-date examples from practice – how something should and should not be done, and together we stay apace with the current trends in the world of IT. As a student, I find it especially useful that the teachers are always available to talk if you want to know more or have difficulties with something. There is also continuous student assessment and assistance in passing the exams through teacher consultation hours and extra lessons, as well as anonymous evaluation surveys, so students can express their opinions and suggestions freely, and based on these, you can observe positive changes over the course of the study programme.

Since the beginning of my studies, I have also started working. First, I was a production assistant at the company BioVega, which most people know for their chain of health food stores Bio&Bio. Then I got a job at the design and development agency Infinum, which is where I still work today. In my freshman year I gained a broad base of IT knowledge, which allowed me to get a better sense of the company where I was sending my job application. I believe my future employer realized this and it was a plus for me. Today at Infinum I work as a screen designer and I am already able to use the skills acquired in courses such as Visual Communications Design or Marketing and Internet Technologies. Since I’m involved in doing web design and apps design, apart from good UX, my knowledge of creating a quality UI and incorporating the client’s brand in it is proving very useful, while being familiar with internet technologies and programming makes it easier to communicate with my colleagues in development department. I am positive that I have made the right decision in choosing the study programme that will allow me to gain comprehensive knowledge ranging from design, to content creation, to implementation, whereas any additional skills that I acquire will be useful in getting a better sense of the entire business process and contribute to better communication with my company colleagues.”