After completing the Master’s degree in Data Science in Algebra, Hrvoje and Mislav joined the HPB as Data Architects for the development of advanced analytical models and reporting systems.

“Since our arrival at HPB, we have been applying the knowledge gained from our graduate studies in data warehouse, business intelligence, data profiling and visualization and visualization tools, including knowledge of machine learning.

However, what is especially worth highlighting are the specifics that we learned working in the financial sector. We got acquainted with the details of the DWH system in financial institutions and tools from the Oracle ecosystem such as Oracle RMDBS, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle APEX and Oracle Analytics. We would also emphasize the importance of Data Governance in our work. In addition, we gained a deeper understanding of operations in the financial sector and the skills of data manipulation and analysis in the banking system.

This job significantly helps us in building a career. We develop new skills, expand the network of contacts in the financial sector and create the foundations for further progress. We are proud to be part of a team that actively participates in shaping the future of banking through the application of the latest technologies and expertise in data science.”