One of the branches of economy that has undergone deep and intense transformations due to technological development is publishing. As an experienced art director, Marija Morić was very aware of this fact, realizing she had to make a change. She started with her own education. By completing the Multimedia Computing study programme, she gained extensive knowhow and skills, while at the same time pushing her own boundaries in terms of new IT areas.  

“I work for the publishing company Mozaik knjiga and I’m involved in graphic design and print prep, in addition to running the arts & technical department. The job is very interesting, my colleagues are wonderful, however, books, as the main product in publishing, have been experiencing great changes as a medium for the past several years. Next to the printed format, an increasing number of titles are also available in digital format, while some books exist as digital editions only. So, at some point I realized I had to do something and I needed to acquire new knowledge that would allow me to transition from the world of print media into an online one.

I was already familiar with the quality of Algebra University programmes, so I decided to enroll in the Multimedia Computing program. The program fulfilled all of my expectations, but I would say I even outdid myself in some aspects. I never thought that one day I would be capable of installing a Linux server and adjusting its settings… so I am grateful to Algebra University, because its program has demystified some areas of IT for me and convinced me there really are no limitations. So, next to extensive knowledge of animation, sound and video, I gained extensive foundation knowledge in different IT areas, which has made it easier to build from there.

The part-time study programme is completely adjusted to working people, which is extremely helpful. When enrolling, it was really important to me to be able to attend my classes and practicums in my free time and not have to take days off from work or leave work early. Online classes were a great help as well, since they allow Algebra University students to attend classes even when they’re not able to be physically present in class.

The Multimedia Computing study programme has given me competencies in areas in which I did not have any, so that now I can produce .epub editions, banner animations and short promo videos for my marketing department, but I have also perfected the skills I had acquired in the course of my career, such as photo editing and working in InDesign. Recently I was quite proud to be of use to my colleagues, being able to offer them helpful advice on creating the new website for our company. I would say the Multimedia Computing study programme has become my bridge between the print and digital.”