We believe in you. We know you are special. This is why we are always so proud when you prove yourself of an international stage.

Plenty of opportunities arise each year. We attend the competitions such as inova mladi, Idea Knockout, Hacking night, NetRiders and HAckathon. Various fields for various skill sets.

Who knows, your name might just be the next one in our “hall of fame”.

NetRiders competition (Cisco Networking Academy)

Competition of the best young network experts. Our students are accustomed to ranking high in it:

Antun Nemanić – 3. place (best Croatian result in this competition), 2016

Tomislav Trohar, systems engineering student – 5. place, 2017.

Matej Maček, master computer programming student  – 9. place, 2015

INOVA mladi 2015

Four software engineering sophomores, Matija Derk, Armin Bodružić, Hrvoje Baić and Andrei Zvonimir Crnković won in the category  of programming solutions of University Colleges with their traffic accident detection system – “Accident detection”.

Idea Knockout 2015

In the most exciting regional technology ideas competition, our very own applied computer programming alumnus Vedran Mandić placed second, with his ‘Mogy’ startup idea.