Student Ombudsman

Ria Walla
Student (field of social sciences)

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Student representative in the Quality Committee

Sara Brkanić
Student (field of social sciences)

Sara Brkanić completed the School of Applied Arts and Design and obtained the title of interior designer. Currently, she is employed as a marketing manager at Dradar company, where she gained experience working on a wide range of projects, including visual design of websites, development of graphic materials for marketing campaigns, content writing as well as implementation of advertising strategies. She is familiar with the history of design, contemporary art and the design scene, and stays up to date with current design and marketing technology.

She completed a bachelor study programme in digital marketing at Algebra University, where she also continued with her master´s degree studies. During her studies, she is also working at Digital Talents marketing agency, which connects small businesses with the best Algebra University students. She is a member of the University´s Quality Committee as a student representative.

Student representatives in the Senate

Ante Kelečić
Student (field of technical sciences)

Ante is a student of Software Engineering at Algebra University who is also a junior Java developer. The reason for his joining the Student Union is to contribute to making studying simpler.

Tin Sučević
Student (field of technical sciences)

Tin Sučević is the Deputy President of the Student Union of Algebra University as well as the student coordinator for the first year of the Multimedia Production study programme at Algebra University. Before switching to the Multimedia Production study programme, Tin studied Software Engineering at Algebra University and strives to combine creativity with a technical approach to problem-solving.

Karlo Tomašković
Student (field of social sciences)

Karlo was born in 2000 in Zagreb. In 2019, he graduated from the High School for Classical Ballet, Department of National Dances. In the same year, he enrolled in the retraining programme for a dental assistant at Ambitio College, which he completed in 2021. In addition to studying at the College, he began working in dental practices, first as a member of numerous teams, then as a dental practice manager. Due to his desire for further personal and professional development, in 2023 he enrolled in the Digital Marketing study programme at Algebra University, where he also received a scholarship for excellence. After enrolling in the study programme, Karlo joined the work of the University´s Student Coordination as a student coordinator. In April 2024, he became an elected member of the Student Union and a student representative in the Senate of Algebra University.

Anika Vilotić
Student (art field design)

Anika was born in 2003 in Podgorica, Montenegro. She began her successful education both in a primary school and in a gymnasium in Podgorica, which she graduated from with honours and earned the highest award Luča, setting standards for her peers through cultivating a passion for drawing and sports, as well as commitment to social work through volunteering and school clubs and board. Anika’s hobbies, drawing and sports, grew into her personal and professional passions, especially running and triathlon. In addition, Anika is also an avid fan of moto and karting tracks.

Anika’s love for drawing and cars have led her to the world of car design and enrolment in Algebra University in order to gain knowledge and skills at the 3D design double degree study programme that supports her professional desire to be educated for the job of a car designer and obtain an international diploma. She was elected a student representative in the Student Union of Algebra University, to contribute significantly to the community of the University and beyond.

In addition to academic achievements, Anika has already gained a four-year management experience in various national and international projects throughout Western Balkans combined with graphic design and social network management.