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Design and communications management is a complex process that requires interdisciplinary knowledge and various skills that you can fully master, understand and develop in this study programme.

We live in a time inspired by technology which faces us with new challenges and requires new ways of dealing with increasingly complex problems. Of course, these challenges need to be understood and adopted on a daily basis. Professional master study programme in Design & Communications Management prepares you exactly for this kind of situations. The knowledge you will acquire will help you to become a part of a digitally transformed world, where only constant commitment to innovation ensures success.

Managing teams composed of a wide variety of experts and managing your own business are just some of the skills you will learn and adopt in this study programme. Today, technology is a requirement for business success, but technology is nothing without the people who understand and develop it. We want to show you the importance of technology in today’s business environment, but also teach you how to manage people who use this technology. In addition, how to understand and communicate with those who need to become fond of the products and services managed by yourself in order to buy them and remain faithful to them.

Our task is to show you how to start, manage, evaluate and finalize the most demanding projects in a wide variety of sectors or industries. We believe that, at the end of the study programme, you will be able to manage marketing campaigns and make important business decisions.

What are the takeaways from the Creative Market Communications Management course?

The two-year master Creative Market Communications Management course will introduce you to knowledge and skills necessary for success in the increasingly complex world of design and market communications. Many people think they know how to communicate, but a few know how to communicate successfully and – effectively. Our study programme will prepare you for a career of a successful and efficient designer; a member or a leader of creative teams in advertising or any other industry.

The study programme is designed through the interaction of the latest artistic, social and technological knowledge. We believe that only such a broad and comparative approach can be the basis for a successful career in the world of design and market communications.

Structure of the curriculum

Mastering integrated marketing communication and its managing processes. Complete understanding of all elements of the marketing mix and their correlation. Understanding changes and trends in international socio-economic relations, ability of synergy adjustments and finding optimal communication solutions.
Understanding the processes of generating a “big idea” – a complex creative tool that through the interaction of emotional and rational stimuli provokes the potential consumer and leads to a moment of enthusiasm for a particular service or product. Communication platforms are the initiator and support of every successful brand.
Creativity and design that are not effective are not commercially useful. The expectations of the client/customer of a particular design should be recognized and interpreted. The balance between market expectations and creative processes is a precondition for successful communication. Through this course you will learn how to be creative and “yourself” in demanding, market-conditioned and unpredictable circumstances.
Learn how to understand the behavior of consumers in increasingly complex conditions of the fourth industrial revolution. The usual consumer segmentation and “persona” recognition is no longer good enough today. The consumer can be found in the most unexpected places, in the digital space that runs out of control, changes and goes through everyday transformations. The “things to be done” concept as a way of understanding consumer behavior is increasingly replaced by traditional demographic bases for market segmentation.
Understanding the brand and its significance is one of the crucial conditions for survival in the market game which is strongly linked to design. By acquiring knowledge about creating relationships between products and consumers, we gain insight into human desires, needs, motives, expectations, perceptions and rational and irrational impulses that condition our experience of a particular brand.
Learn about the importance of managing the processes of designing and creating market communications as well as about the problems and necessities of an organized, procedural way of organizing work. Deeply consider the analytical, procedural model of optimization and documentation of business processes.
Presentation skills are often a crucial tool for the success of a project. Many ideas would never have become successful projects without the knowledge of presentation techniques and without a good command of professional terminology.
Adopt the knowledge of fundamental concepts in the field of ethics, especially in the context of the business world. Learn to differentiate the conceptual categories of ethics, morals, descriptive ethics, casuistry and business ethics. In short, learn how to do business the right way!

An additional option for a study program conducted fully in the English language

Algebra University, in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London, offers students the opportunity to obtain an additional British diploma for this study program.

Examples of jobs we’re preparing you for:

Creative Director

The creative director’s position is indispensable in advertising, media, publishing and every other industry that requires visual design of creative concepts. Creative director is a key person in creating integral marketing campaigns, equally skilled in dealing with textual and visual content.

Marketing Director

An exceptionally responsible position in which you need to know how to develop a marketing strategy, including various economic indicators; from competitive analysis to detailed budget development and planning. Your decisions will have far-reaching consequences for products and services managed by yourself and beyond them – you are creating consumer trends and affecting the purchasing habits of a large number of people.

Client Service Director

Client relationships are often a crucial element for the success of a company, as well as for the success of any project, service, idea or product. The person who oversees and manages relationships with clients must possess both negotiating and marketing, but also highly developed organizational abilities. An analytical mind and understanding of human interactions are essential for success in this business.

Strategic Planner

The wider picture is what drives you. Your contribution to the organization consists in the understanding of trends, in a profound analysis of all aspects of business and ultimately in a courageous, original vision of development which you will be able to discuss and recommend to decision-makers. For your high-quality preparation will often be decisive when making very important business decisions.

Example Class

Creative Methods and Techniques in Market Communications

What is cross-cultural design? More than ever before, companies of today spread their user experience across national and cultural boundaries. Cross-cultural design is a process consistent with these tendencies, namely, it concerns the design of technologies and communication intended for different cultures, languages and levels of purchasing power. This approach enables user experience regardless of cultural boundaries. Do we need cross-cultural design? Technology and communication are always subject to the culture in which they are created and which they develop in return. For this reason, users interpret the products they use based on their cultural insights. In this course, you will learn how to define the target group for a specific product or service and how to understand the social culture of a particular consumer.

Dual Degree award

Study programme duration

4 semesters (2 years)

Semester duration

15 weeks of active teaching
+ 4 examination weeks

Total number of ECTS points


Goldsmiths, University of London Title

MA in Creative Market Communications Management

Algebra University Title

mag. art.

Professional Master in Creative Market Communications Management

Certifications obtained during studies

Adobe Certified Professional – Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Certified Professional – Visual Design using Photoshop