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In addition to mandatory courses, students must choose one group of elective courses from the following available options:
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First year

First semester
Module ECTS Lectures Tutorials Type
Innovative project 1 - Product or services ideation and planning8150Mandatory
Creativity and critical thinking33015Mandatory
Quantitative methods and modeling43030Mandatory
Programming in Python51530Mandatory
Data warehousing and business intelligence53030Mandatory
Module ECTS Lectures Tutorials Type
Advanced mobile programming51530DEV1
Advanced application development based on templates51530DEV2
Data engineering53030DS1
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Second semester
Module ECTS Lectures Tutorials Type
Social network analysis63030Mandatory
Innovative project 2 - Product or services development669Mandatory
Data analytics in cloud computing43030Mandatory
Intro to DevOps41530Mandatory
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Second year

Third semester
Module ECTS Lectures Tutorials Type
Big data analysis techniques43030Mandatory
Innovative Project 3 - Go to market strategies669Mandatory
Advanced machine learning63030Mandatory
Cyber security management43030Mandatory
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Fourth semester
Module ECTS Lectures Tutorials Type
Final thesis3000Mandatory

Dual Degree award

Study programme duration

4 semesters (2 years)

Semester duration

15 weeks of active teaching
+ 4 examination weeks

Total number of ECTS points


Goldsmiths, University of London Title

MSc in Applied Computer Engineering (Data Science)

Algebra University Title

mag. ing. comp.

Professional Master in Computer Engineering, sub-specialization in Data science

Certifications obtained during studies

ITIL Foundation

Introduction to Programming Using Python

Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate