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Continue to hone your skills in the field of digital marketing. The two-year master study programme will focus on the ‘broader picture’ and will prepare you to think strategically and outside the box in the context of marketing.

There is a carefully selected compilation of courses and applied knowledge outcomes waiting for you, which means you’ll be able to quickly find your feet in a future role.

We have ensured a work placement internship for you with one of the well-known industry players in Croatia or the EU. Use that experience as part of your final thesis and also maximize the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals.

Upon receiving our diploma, you’ll be a digital marketing specialist, with a wide-ranging understanding and know-how of visualization, analysis and optimization of big data. You’ll learn how to manage and lead large and complex campaigns, analyze results, trends and make strategically important decisions.

What are the takeaways from the master Digital marketing course

Master studies allow you to further perfect your know-how of your favorite field. We’ll transfer the latest industry trends, insights and skills that employers demand onto to you. Here is a snapshot of some of them:

Structure of the curriculum

Learn how to analyze social networks and use social metrics.
Design and implement digital marketing solutions at a strategic level.
Learn how to apply game theory in digital marketing.
Hone you interpersonal and business analytical skills in digital marketing.
Learn how to develop early warning systems, values for client’s current and future budgets, CRMs and recommendation systems.
Get into the crux of data analysis such as signals connection, events, monitoring and observation.
Learn how to use the marketing potential of big data chunks.
Master the application of quantitative analysis and modeling in marketing research.
Master the skills required for managing and organizing teams of professionals responsible for digital marketing.
Hone your planning and management skills of digital campaigns.

An additional option for a study program conducted fully in the English language

Algebra University, in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London, offers students the opportunity to obtain an additional British diploma for this study program.

Examples of jobs we’re preparing you for:

Specialist for Strategic Digital Marketing

Be the person responsible for all questions from budget preparation, choice of channel and campaign preparation.

Marketing Strategist for Social Networking

A wide spectrum of activities awaits you regarding the most important marketing channel, where competition is strengthening at breakneck speed.

Specialist for Social Networking Analysis

The balance of success rests on this professional’s recommendation regarding digital campaigns on social media.

Specialist for Data Visualization

You’ll be working on demonstrating complex data in a smart and applicable way.

Big Data Analysis Specialist

This is an expert who contributes to sound business decision making, discovering unknown connection, market trends, customer wishes and those hidden patterns in large data chunks.

Example Class

Digital transformation and disruptive business models

Do we really live in the digital age revolution? How did it come to that, what are the consequences? This course deals with these questions and analyzes the development of social networks, Internet of Things and ‘smart tools’, which are ubiquitous in today’s society. The free-market places great emphasis on the digital user experience and has forced many companies to jump on board the digital transformation. We’ll be analyzing its characteristics and drivers. We will also be looking into and analyzing trends and learn to spot opportunities for market implementation.

Dual Degree award

Study programme duration

4 semesters (2 years)

Semester duration

15 weeks of active teaching
+ 4 examination weeks

Total number of ECTS points


Goldsmiths, University of London Title

Msc in Digital Marketing

Algebra University Title


Professional Master in Digital Marketing