Algebra goes virtual! Respecting the government’s decision to close classrooms in educational institutions nationwide, we announce that Algebra is ready to carry out all of our existing teaching processes exclusively in online classrooms!
For a number of years we are developing top-notch online platforms and programmes and our teams have been successfully organizing the implementation of education, specialist education, bachelor and master programmes in an online format. This transition is therefore no stranger to us. In addition to our already existing virtual classrooms and classrooms fully equipped with teleconferencing tools, we are launching additional Adobe Connect virtual classrooms and Skype and Teams lecture transfer systems. With all this, we are ready to launch more than 160 fully operational virtual classrooms in the whole of Croatia.
Our teachers are technology driven professionals with proven track of online education methodology. Nevertheless, we are at the moment hiring additional specialist stuff to cover workload and to provide additional technical support for our teachers and students both. All this efforts are made in order to keep first class online teaching experience and to secure smooth processes across all of Algebra study programmes.