2 summer programs

2 weeks

4 ECTS points

Summer is, after all, meant for new experiences, meeting people and exploring different locations. We believe that it is possible to combine all these amazing summer activities with education, which is the best way to stay in touch with the latest world trends and inspiring people.

Algebra University is giving students and young entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their horizons, discover new destinations, acquire practical knowledge and skills and learn from top corporations in the world!

Would you like to bring your ideas to life but you are not sure how? Or you would like to meet modern, young and aspiring people who will help you to explore new career opportunities?

ABC BootCamps is a perfect choice for you as you will work closely with expert mentors and outstanding professors to develop a business idea into a full, professional business plan!

On top of that, corporate visits to the world’s most successful companies and tech giants will get you an insight into innovative business practices and organization from the inside.

Upon successfully finishing the program, besides having a business plan, you will earn 4 ECTS points and a Certificate of Completion which is an excellent way of complementing your resume!

Become a part of this amazing summer experience and secure your spot on time

Elevate your career to the next level and embrace an innovative mindset