We ensured a host of possibilities for students and lecturers as well as experts sharing our values.

We develop international possibilities for students, teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as international students and professionals who share our values ​​and our vision. We support students and staff in realizing academic mobility at partner institutions as well as traineeships abroad.

Through our cooperation with a wide network of global partner institutions and participation in international project initiatives, we ensure the highest quality of education and encourage international possibilities for students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

The International Office promotes and supports active participation of students and staff in European and global initiatives through joint development projects in the field of economy and education. We promote and support students, teaching and non-teaching staff in the realization of academic mobility, and we assist students in planning traineeships abroad.

We believe that through international cooperation, the exchange of knowledge and experience with leading global institutions, as well as continuous growth and improvement of our internal capacities and additional investments in necessary resources, we can build an internationally recognized educational institution that will set the blueprint for Croatian economic competitiveness on the European and global market.

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