Algebra Buddy Program

Algebra Buddy Program aims to assign incoming international students with Algebra Buddies – local students willing to help them settle into their new home in Croatia, at Algebra. Buddies can help international students explore Zagreb, reveal tips and tricks about studying at Algebra, and above all, have fun while hanging together. The International Office staff meets with Buddies on a regular basis and connects new students with their Buddies, and also supports their activities.

Applications for new Algebra Buddies open at the beginning of each semester.


  • participate in organized activities, workshops, company visits and field trips
  • help organize Algebra Buddy events
  • participate in the Algebra Buddy Challenge
  • improve your English language conversation skills
  • develop your intercultural skills
  • win the Algebra Buddy Award
  • acquire the official Certificate of Participation issued by Algebra University and add it to your CV


  • actively participate in the Algebra Buddy Program (minimum 2 activities)
  • prepare a final student testimonial about your Buddy experience, minimum one page in a MS Word document.

Our events:

The Algebra Buddies participated in the Algebra International Summer School 2023

The two most active Algebra Buddies during the 2022/2023 academic year were awarded the Algebra Buddy Award – a full scholarship to participate in Algebra’s International Summer School 2023. A total of three Algebra Buddies took part in the program, where they demonstrated their passion for learning at Algebra and also for getting to know students from all around the world

International Cook-off 2023.

We celebrated the end of the summer semester in 2023 with Erasmus students and our Algebra Buddies through the International Cook-off. The students prepared a diverse and delicious variety of food and drinks representing the richness of their cultures, and we enjoyed authentic dishes, beverages, and snacks from different countries

Algebra Organizes Meet and Mingle Event for Erasmus+ students and Algebra Buddies

We organized a fun-filled Meet and Mingle event for our incoming Erasmus+ and Algebra Buddy students. The idea of the event was to help the students get to know each other and build new friendships. Algebra Buddies and international students enjoyed playing fun games in groups and pairs, which helped break the ice and create a lively atmosphere.
We all had a great time looking forward to an exciting semester ahead.
The Meet and Mingle event was a great success and highlighted the importance of building a strong community among students. Algebra is committed to providing all our students with a supportive and inclusive environment, and events like these are a crucial step towards achieving that goal.

Meet & Mingle on campus

Beginning of November, Algebra Buddies organized an informal Meet & Mingle event for international students on campus.
In a relaxed atmosphere with good music and traditional Croatian snacks, students organized board games such as Pictionary and played Uno cards.
We are proud our Buddies’ engagement with creating fun activities for international students!

International Student Welcome Day

The traditional International Student Welcome Day at Algebra University took place on Monday 30 September this year.
We were happy to welcome new international, exchange and Erasmus+ students from all around Europe, as well as from the US, Republic of Korea and India.

Zagreb Sightseeing

Croatian Language and Culture workshop

The first Croatian Language and Culture workshop for international and Erasmus+ students took place at the beginning of winter semester 2019. The workshop is designed to help students learn the very basics of Croatian and offer an excellent insight into Croatian culture.

Halloween Pub Crawl

International Movie Night

Great International Christmas Cook-off

With the help of the International Office, in mid-December 2019 Erasmus students organized a food-tasting event for their Croatian buddies and other students. Erasmus students prepared a splendid array of international dishes, so Croatian students could taste various delicacies such as pleixinos da horta from Portugal, suppli form Italy, sabiola and Spanish omlette from Spain, nalesniki from Belarus, quiche Lorraine from France or Bratkartoffeln mit Sauerkraut from Germany.

Zagreb Museum Night

Buddy Meet & Mingle

Algebra Buddies kicked off the winter 2023 semester on a high note! Our Buddy Meet & Mingle event was attended by a vibrant mix of 40 Buddies, new full-time international and Erasmus+ students who had a great time getting to know each other through interactive games like Bingo and the Icebreaker Jar that had everyone sharing, laughing, and connecting.

We are proud that the Buddy Meet and Mingle event was integrated into the Croatian Language and Culture course, fusing knowledge and fun into a unique study experience for our international students.