Algebra University is located in the western part of city of Zagreb. The location is Gradišćanska 24, 10000 Zagreb. Please note the public transportation in Zagreb is excellent and you will have no issues if you find your apartment further away from the campus. We do advise students to settle in city of Zagreb.

At this moment, Algebra University does not have a its own student dormitory. The construction of a student residence/dormitory owned by Algebra University is planned to start in the near future.

In light of this, students are advised to look for alternative options we recommend and you will find below.

For full time students we highly recommend having a long-term accommodation solution when applying for a visa. Please note the earlier you apply; the more affordable and various options are available.

The students are advised to start their accommodation search immediately once they complete the application process, pay the first-year tuition fee and receive a Letter of Acceptance.

Students should have a flexible budget starting from 400 EUR per month for accommodation. Prices in Zagreb typically range from 350 EUR (renting a room in larger shared apartments) to 1.500 EUR (larger apartments that can accommodate more people).

Home in Zagreb: agency specialized for student and corporate accommodation

Edudom: agency specialized for student accommodation

Grab a Home: privately-owned platform which has multiple landlords offering short to long-term accommodation

We highly recommend finding your accommodation through our partner agencies as both the properties and the landlords are verified, landlords have experience with international students, the agencies and the landlords are familiar with the laws and temporary residence permit and will provide support during the registration of your accommodation to the Police Station.


Students are required to have health insurance during their studies in Croatia.

Students can use one of the following as health insurance during their studies:

  • European Health Insurance card (EHIC) – students from EU have access to this
  • Health insurance certificate issued by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund
  • Certificate of a foreign health insurance provider stating the right to health care in accordance with EU regulations of the social security system or international social security contract
  • Proof of private health insurance or travel insurance for citizens of countries with which the Republic of Croatia has not concluded a social security contract. Upon the approval of their temporary residence, they are obliged to contact the competent office of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund in order to determine the right to health insurance according to regulations on health insurance of third country nationals in the Republic of Croatia,
  • “bolesnički list” (based on Bilateral treaty on social insurance regulating the issue of utilizing healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey and North Macedonia)

Foreigners with temporary residence in Croatia, regardless of the purpose of their temporary residence permit, whose right to compulsory health insurance or health care is not insured on another basis, are obliged to obtain insurance by becoming payers of health insurance contributions.

The national health insurance can be obtained after arrival at CHIF regional or branch office. A one-time registration fee in the amount of 1.030,00 EUR is to be paid when applying, while the monthly fee is approximately 86,00 EUR.