Employment during your studies

EU/EEA and International full-time students are allowed to work part-time (20 hours per week) through the Student Service. In order to enrol in the Student Service, students need a certificate obtained from the Student Office and a temporary residence permit for the purpose of studying granted.

International students can work in Croatia using the Student Service administered by the Student Centre. Student Service provides matchmaking services, connecting students with prospective employers. The Student Service offices are usually units of local Student centres (Studentski centar). The Student Service is available to both EU citizens and third country nationals. The student work positions offered by the Student Service are part-time and temporary, allowing students to adjust their work engagement to their student obligations. The salary is calculated per hour and the minimum net amount is 5,25 EUR.

International students can apply for a student service membership card under the following conditions:

  • the student is enrolled in a higher education institution (a certificate from student’s home university should be provided as proof)
  • the student has a valid residence permit in Croatia (a certificate of registration should be provided as proof)
  • the student is following an exchange programme based on official documents between two higher education institutions (provide an internship/study programme certificate from his receiving higher education institution in Croatia)
  • the student has an open giro account in a Croatian bank (a contract with the bank or a bank certificate is required)

The membership can be opened in person at the Student Centre premises, by presenting the following documents:

Enrolment card and statement (picked up directly from the SC counter), student ID card (X-ica), ID card, registration residence certificate, certificate (certificate) of the student status for the current academic year, contract / bank certificate of the giro account, two small photos.

In Zagreb there are three Student Centres:

Student Centre in Zagreb: http://www.sczg.unizg.hr/student-servis

Student Centre Karlovac: https://scka.hr/sc-karlovac/podruznice/zagreb

Student Centre Sisak: https://scsisak.hr/kontakt/

Employment after completing your studies

Issuance of a stay and work permit (EU Blue Card)

If you are coming from a non-EU country (i.e. India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan…), and are a highly qualified third-country national, you have to submit your application for the residence and work permit at the diplomatic mission/consular post of Croatia or at the police administration/station in the intended place of residence. Highly qualified refers to at least a finished master level study programme.

The residence and work permit (the EU Blue Card) simultaneously grants temporary and not timely limited residence and work in Croatia.

The residence and work permit can be granted to third-country nationals who meet the criteria stated in Article 54 of the Aliens Act (a valid passport, health insurance, proof they have means of support) and enclose:

  • work contract or some other corresponding contract for performing highly qualified labour, lasting for at least a year
  • proof of finished higher (university) education at master level or higher.

The residence and work permit (the EU Blue Card) is issued in the form of a biometric residence permit.

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