Zagreb is situated on the slopes of Medvednica Hill (Zagrebačka Gora) to the north and the floodplain of the Sava River to the south.

In Zagreb you can roam its sunny streets filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and parks. It is a city that will win you over with its lively spirit, outdoor events, coffee drinking culture and great food.

The city of science and culture is the home to more than fifty museums and galleries as well as private art collections and about twenty theatres and music venues. Zagreb is a vibrant multi-cultural city no matter the season: in the summer, you can enjoy outdoor activities and events as picnics, sports, rooftop parties, open cinemas and festivals while the winter brings a genuine Christmas atmosphere with its traditional Advent season: Christmas markets offer plenty of fun, traditional and authentic Croatian dishes, unique events and art.

Furthermore, Zagreb is emerging as a dynamic innovation hub, attracting entrepreneurs, start-ups, and forward-thinking individuals from around the world. With its strategic location, supportive ecosystem, and a growing pool of talent, Zagreb offers a fertile ground for innovation and technological advancements

Today, Zagreb is a university city with forty higher education institutions and a student population which accounts for 1/10 of the city’s population while its history of education dates back to the middle of 14th century with its first city (primary) school leading to the 16th century which brought the first secondary school and the first university was established.

The European Environment Agency declared Zagreb as one of the greenest capitals of Europe. Known for its numerous parks, forests and lakes, Zagreb ranks second on the list thanks to the fact that roughly 72% of its urban areas are covered by green areas, water and wetlands.

Quality of higher education, a never-ending bucket list of things to do, student budget friendly and affordability makes Zagreb a dream student destination. Oh, did we mention that the closest beaches are a two-hour drive from Zagreb?

Quick facts:

  • City area: 641 km2
  • Population (2021): city 767 131; metro: 1 107 150
  • Area code: +385 1
  • Postal code: HR 10 000
  • City airport: Zračna luka Franjo Tuđman Zagreb

Notable places

The main square, the focus of modern Zagreb, is hard to miss. It’s our favourite meeting place – you’ll often hear ‘see under the clock’. No matter what you do, sooner or later you will surely find yourself there.
Another symbol of Zagreb, the theatre was built in the 19th century and brings the national opera, ballet and drama under the same roof. It is situated in a beautiful square just behind the famous sculpture „The Well of Life“ by Ivan Meštrović.

The 66-metre-long funicular that connects Upper and Lower Town is the shortest passenger cable railway in the world. It was the first ever type of public transportation used in Zagreb and is still operating over 120 years later.

Enjoy one of the largest hologram exhibitions in this part of Europe. Watch each optical illusion and carefully view each installation. They are entertaining and brilliant reminders that our perception of the world is sometimes just a perception.
A mountain „watching Zagreb’s back“. Medvednica is a favourite place for hiking and weekend trips.

Museum’s permanent display is an opportunity to experience a unique emotional journey through dozens of love leftovers collected from all around the world.

Fun facts

  • Home to the world’s shortest funicular: 90 second ride from the main street Ilica to Upper Town
  • Grič Cannon: every day at noon, a blank cannon is fired from a window in Lotrščak Tower, which stands directly behind the Zagreb funicular
  • Zagreb Cathedral is home to three giant and gorgeous chandeliers: they were originally from the Gold Coast casino in Las Vegas
  • Zagreb has its own solar system: sculpture of the Grounded Sun is located on Bogovićeva street, while the rest of our solar system’s planets can be found in statue form across the city – all proportional in distance and size to the (grounded) sun
  • Dolac market: Zagreb’s main open-air farmers’ market, the place to buy fresh and local produce
  • Štrukli: authentic Croatian dish, try all variations in Le Štruk
  • Božični Advent u Zagrebu: best Christmas market for three consecutive years (2016-2018) by European Best Destinations after which we were banned from the competition
  • The City of Museums: more than 30 museums in the city: from quirky ones such as Museum of Illusions, Hangover, Chocolate, Broken Relationships to classical galleries and exhibitions