Mislav Balković (PhD, Associate Professor), rector of Algebra University, is an active researcher in the areas of Data Science applied to National Qualifications Frameworks and Knowledge management. In these areas he participated in a number of national projects including the development of legislation for CROQF and implementation of various policy and regulatory documents in higher, VET and adult education in Croatia. Since 2006 he has been intensively involved in the preparation of different types of development projects in the area of education. To this end, he has prepared more than 50 international and national project applications and managed some 30 different projects. Mislav acted as the president of the Sector skills council for Electrotechnical and Computing and is currently Vice president of the Croatian Employers Association - Association of Employers in Education, during (2010 - 2016) period he was an active member of the National Council for Science and Higher education and during (2020 – 2022) he was active member of Accreditation Council appointed by Agency for Science and higher education. Currently he is member of executive board of Croatian Employers Association and member of National Committee for VET.