From May 6th to 10th, the field component of the Erasmus+ blended intensive programme “Light and the City”, organized by the Design and Graphic Design Academy (AANT), was held in Rome, Italy.

In addition to AANT and Algebra University, participants also included students from Arteveldehogeschool (Ghent, Belgium), and Hochschule der Medien (Stuttgart, Germany).

Our students shared the following impressions of their stay in Rome:

Our long journey to Rome was filled with excitement and fatigue, but above all, the anticipation of a new adventure, which culminated in joy once we finally arrived at the Eternal City. Our first encounter with chaotic traffic and the challenges of public transport was merely an introduction to a week full of exploration and new experiences.

The city of Rome welcomed us with warm weather and even warmer people, and its streets were full of life, with plenty of colorful shops, markets, and landmarks all around. We enjoyed listening to the Italian language and taking in the culture that resonated from every corner of this new environment in which we found ourselves. From the Forum to the Vatican, we spent every day walking the line between history and the present. We even noticed many similarities between Italian culture and that of our part of the Mediterranean, from the cuisine to the religious customs.

Our stay in Rome was marked by the study of light interaction with different geometric shapes, bodies, materials, and textures. During AANT’s “Light and the City programme, each student had to develop their very own portfolio, recording their unique observations of Roman architecture using only their camera. This experience strengthened all of our professional competencies, honed the skills we had previously acquired at our university, and solidified our confidence in our creativity.

During the moments we didn’t spend looking through our camera lens, we had the opportunity to learn a lot about history, architecture, photography, and lighting design from our guides Claudia Primangeli and Alessandra Reggiani.

By working and journeying together, we perfected our teamwork skills, discovered new aspects of creativity, and deepened our understanding of photography and the world around us. We learned to appreciate the differences between our approaches and solutions to tasks and formed new friendships, as well as strengthened those we had already formed during one of the previous blended intensive programmes which had brought AANT’s students to Algebra.

Despite listening to the same lectures and visiting the same landmarks, each student managed to demonstrate a unique view of Rome while presenting their individual portfolio. This journey motivated all of us to continue nurturing our creativity by helping us realize that each of us possesses the skills necessary to succeed in the field of multimedia, and it is precisely this kind of encouragement that makes such programs crucial for our development on both a personal and professional level.

The culture, history, and overall energy of Rome have left a profound impression on all of us. We returned home exhausted but fulfilled, full of souvenirs and delicacies. We were sad that our unforgettable adventure had come to an end, but no less grateful for this wonderful experience, the memories of which will forever remain in our hearts.

When asked if they would recommend this Erasmus+ program to their colleagues, our students had the following to say:

Participating in blended intensive programmes such as “Light and the City” provides students with invaluable experiences that enrich our academic and life journeys. The opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences with peers from abroad opens new perspectives and promotes the understanding and acceptance of intercultural diversity. Thinking outside the box, exploring beyond usual boundaries, and facing new challenges are all characteristics of blended intensive programmes that allow students to better understand themselves and the world around them.

The travels enabled by these programmes offer the opportunity for personal growth, mastering new skills, and forming international friendships. The chance to visit the Eternal City, especially in collaboration with AANT, stands out as a unique opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. Such experiences open doors leading to further adventures, such as spending an entire semester or academic year abroad, or even moving to a different country.

We wholeheartedly recommend the Erasmus+ blended intensive programme to all adventurous and curious individuals who strive to learn new things, get acquainted with different cultures, and make pleasant memories. Such experiences serve not only to enrich one’s CV but also their life itself, leaving a lasting impression on each participant, as well as the burning desire to find new, similar experiences.

Second-year undergraduate students of Multimedia Computing, Leon Budinski, Ivana Čonkaš, Elena Emert, Noel Seidel, Ema Žnidar, and Professor Predrag Šuka.