Scientific field/area: Technical sciences/Computing, Social sciences/Information sciences

Computing and Software Engineering

The research group studies engineering principles, methods, infrastructures and tools for distributed and mobile software systems, which are often large and complex.

Scientific field/area: Social sciences/ Interdisciplinary social sciences

Labour Market and Education

The research group covers a wide range of research interests and disciplinary areas addressing the needs and requirements of education in contemporary societies worldwide.

Scientific field/area: Social sciences/Economy

Digital Economy and Digital Marketing

The general objective of the research group is to study the development of the digital economy which is undergoing changes driven by the advancement of digital technologies, and to analyse the behaviour of economic entities using scientific methods.

Scientific field/area: Technical sciences/Computing, Social sciences/Information sciences

Data Science, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence

The research group is involved in the design, development, implementation and monetisation of solutions that include data science, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Scientific field/area: Technical sciences/Computing


Cybersecurity of digital systems is one of the key challenges of modern society, which relies on networked information infrastructures for a wide range of social, economic and political activities.

Scientific field/area: Interdisciplinary field of sciences

Digital Health

Digital technologies and data science are recognised as catalysts in the process of improving healthcare by transforming the way health and diseases are analysed and how diagnostics will be planned in the future.

Scientific field/area: Field of arts


The research group aims to contribute to the growing field of artistic research within a broader institutionalised context, both within and beyond the boundaries of the academic community.