Student Esports Tournament is a popular student tournament organized by Good Game Global. 16 teams each comprised of 6 students will defend the colors of their colleges, competing for as many as five esports titles. Algebra students have held their own in the elite S League so far, moreover, with the new reinforcements this season they may have a chance at a top score in the finals.

In season four of SET, the students will compete in the already well-known esports titles: League of Legends, CS:GO, PUBG and Rocket League, along with a novelty title from the FPS genre: Rainbow Six Siege.

Another novelty this season is that the CS:GO winners in the S League will enter the European FACEIT CS:GO Collegiate Competition bracket, while the best Rocket League team in the S League will get to compete against the best student RL teams, at the famous European University Rocketeers’ Championship.

This year, Algebra will be represented by: Marin Bakmaz, Neo Čikić, Josip Džinić, Renato Petričević, Fran Kukovičić and Marko Rovis.

The partners of the fourth season of the Student Esports Tournament are Hisense, Span, Raw Fury, Nescafe 3u1, White Shark and Nin Saltworks, while the organizer, Good Game Global, is preparing plenty of exciting content, as well as hours of live streaming.

The competition is already in full swing, so you can tune in and support your colleagues via the official SET Twitch channel.

Here’s a preview of what the Student Esports Tournament looks like.