The Student Support Centre (SSC) is a department and part of Algebra University that is always available to students to help them and facilitate all stages of life that students go through during their studies. It also ensures cooperation with associations, organisations and institutions in the local community that provide support to young people in specific areas. The SSC provides appropriate support to students in acquiring competencies, developing generic skills, mastering academic obligations, preparing for future employment, and it also takes care of the overall psychophysical health of students.


Our vision is to create an inspiring and inclusive environment that supports every student in realising their full potential. We aim to be an indispensable resource on the path to success, providing students with comprehensive support, motivation and education.


Our mission is to provide continuous support to students throughout their studies, enabling them to achieve their academic, social and professional success with as few challenges and as easy as possible. Through personalised services, resources and programmes, we strive to develop their academic skills, emotional intelligence and personal growth.

The main tasks of the Student Support Centre are:

  • Supporting more efficient studying.
  • Enhancing the quality of studying.
  • Supporting teacher-mentors.

Our goal is to:

  • Motivate students, empower and encourage them.
  • Actively engage and influence students by organising various workshops, recommending different associations and professionals.
  • Support networking, i.e. encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities/sports activities.

Studying is an experience that directs and enriches a person in the field they are interested in and where they plan to work or continue working, encouraging them to fully develop their potential. In addition to mastering academic obligations, with the support of the SSC, studying provides an opportunity for improving communication, presentation, organisational and general life skills that help a person build a life and career they will be satisfied and fulfilled with.

Head of the Student Support Centre: Ivana Hrg Matušin


Phone number:

  • +385 99 162 4273
  • +385 1 580 9381

Office location: 340 C – 1st floor

For scheduling appointments, please contact us in advance using one of the provided contacts.