Professional Bachelor Study Programme

Study at Algebra, study in Croatia!

Study at Algebra, study in Croatia! Acquire excellent skills and knowledge to build a globally competitive career in digital technologies. If you are thinking of applying to a higher education institution, you are already on the right path! Choose one of our seven professional bachelor study programmes and start creating your digital future. We have secured a tailor-made internship for you at one of the best companies in Croatia or the EU that you can do during your studies.

Study in Croatia with a British Twist!

If you’re interested in obtaining both a Croatian and British diploma (a diploma from Algebra University and a diploma from Goldsmiths, University of London), learn more

Get informed, apply, and register for a motivational interview at the admissions office – virtually or in person!


professional bachelor study programmes


Applied Computer Engineering

Software Engineering

Applied Computer Engineering

System Engineering
Multimedia Production
Digital Marketing

Market Communication Design


Market Communication Design

3D Design
Game development