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From September 2018, this study programme will be conducted in a revised and modernized form after being successfully delivered for over a decade. Further enriched with most modern digital technology, this programme will become one of the most creative study programmes offered by the Algebra University.

Become a part of a new generation of creative and innovative designers who transform their ideas and knowledge into exciting projects in the field of market communications! Use the latest digital technologies, engage in all aspects of visual design, brand design, print design, commercial and marketing campaigns and design visual projects for a wide range of social and commercial needs!

During the course of your studies, you will, in cooperation with students, teachers and actual users, participate in a series of individual and group design and art projects in order to master the overall creative process, from understanding the needs and behavior of users, through communication goals, to specifics of various media of visual communication and digital interaction. You will learn to creatively design digital content, enrich your projects with processed images, illustrations and animations, design user application interface, user experience and interaction.

At the time of graduation, you will understand the cultural and artistic dynamics and context in which the design is created and participating, you will be able to steer through constant technological evolution and digital technologies in design, while creating new value for users operating in the field of communications and marketing.

You will become a master of user-oriented design, ready for all career challenges in design studios, creative agencies, production studios and marketing campaigns anywhere in the world.

What are the takeaways from the Market Communication Design study programme?

The three-year bachelor Market Communication Design study programme aims to equip you with skills and knowledge in order to prepare you for a career in design studios, creative agencies, production studios and marketing companies. Here is a snapshot of what you’ll be studying:

The study programme is designed taking into account the latest findings in the field of art and design and significantly enhances creativity and creative thinking while at the same time being based on the concepts of teamwork and “design thinking”.

Structure of the curriculum

How to develop good visual identity and branding? How to create a logotype and book of standards? How to ensure creative and functional visual communication of a product which enables it to be seen and recognized? These are some of the elements of the Visual Design course.
Knowledge on the evolution of letters and typography, anatomy of characters and their interrelationships, styles of type families as well as introduction to typographic terminology will encourage conscious and rational selection of styles and letters in creative projects.
You will learn how to create a good photo, more about camera features, how to make a photo for promotional purposes or how to fine-tune the lighting using complex photographic equipment.
You will specialize in the use of various digital tools necessary for the development and processing of photos, whether it concerns simple corrections, retouching or photo manipulation.
You will learn how to analyze the interaction between man and technology and how to design a web page or application interface while providing the best user experience and attractive design.
You will study approaches and best practices in the design of the most important part of any application or website – user interface.
YouTube is one of the fastest growing communication channels of today and the quantity and quality of video content on the internet is growing steadily. Learn how to make use of it by independently developing a promotional video or other video material.
You will acquire knowledge about the animation of objects and characters in two-dimensional space and you will master the key tools of modern digital animation. This will enable you to create attractive solutions in offline or online projects or when creating video material.

An additional option for a study program conducted fully in the English language

Algebra University, in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London, offers students the opportunity to obtain an additional British diploma for this study program.

Neki od poslova za koje te pripremamo:

Designer, art director

Top art directors and designers are multitasking geniuses who manage to find the perfect balance between marketing, visual communications, art and applied arts, while constantly keeping up with the latest digital trends. This profession is in high demand, with true experts being strongly appreciated.

User interface and user experience designer

Every web design project needs user interface and user experience designers who will shape creative ideas, a user-friendly interface and quality content into a top product. It goes without saying that this profession is in particularly high demand, as it is considered to be the career of the future.

Digital photography and video expert

There are a million images and just as many hours of video material in the digital world, and you will learn how to make that content attractive, clickable, organic and fun to use and consume.

Creative project manager

It is quite challenging to manage creative individuals, especially in the digital world. They may have great ideas, but often lack business skills. You will learn how to combine these two qualities in the best possible way – how to get the best out of creative individuals as well as how to sell the product on the market.

Example Class

Web and screen design 3 – User interface design

A course for those who really want to understand why users often visit certain websites and feel “at home” while using them, whereas others may be visually attractive, but totally insensitive to user needs and thus off-putting. We will deal with the structure of websites and application interfaces, wireframes, navigation design, design components and styles, style guides, understanding user and customer needs as well as with the establishment of projects as integral complexes of best technology practices, basic design settings and requirements arising from user behavior.

Dual Degree award

Study programme duration

6 semesters (3 years)

Semester duration

15 weeks of active teaching
+ 4 examination weeks

Total number of ECTS points


Goldsmiths, University of London Title

BA in Visual Communications Design (Design)

Algebra University Title

bacc. art.

Bachelor in Market Communication Design

Certifications obtained during studies

ECDL Start
(4 exams)

Adobe Certified Professional – Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Certified Professional – Visual Design using Photoshop