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Multimedia production is the result of many years of investment in the development of studies according to the needs of the market, jobs of the future and students who have been creating multimedia content for years from the very first lesson.

The continuous focus on converging courses enabled the new studio to more fully create a story through storytelling and communication with the placement of audiovisual content on different media.

Through practical and applicable work, students are directed towards creative and critical reflection within visual communications. The created works extend through static, moving and dynamic media, from an icon to a complex audiovisual work with user experience and interactivity in the first place.

With modern technologies, a professional studio and direction, current techniques ensure students create their multimedia stories with a strong emphasis on audiovisual works.

With a new structure and approach, the new study of multimedia production is a creation and an experience. Ready for an adventure?

What are the takeaways from the Multimedia production study programme?

The three- year Multimedia Production study programme aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to prepare you for a career in the real world, whether at home or abroad. Here is a snapshot of what you’ll be studying:

Studijski program je osmišljen prema preporukama s europske SOCRATES mreže i zadovoljava kriterije relevantnih akreditacijskih agencija (npr. ABET i ASIIN) za tehničke studije.

Structure of the curriculum

Discover best practices in development of the most important element of every web page and application, the user interface.
Research the tested and proven methods and solutions for implementing multimedia solutions in social media, web pages, independant solutions,organizations and businesses.
Get to know the principles of system development which enriches business processes, enable digital business and represent the basics of user interaction.
You will acquire all the necessary knowledge about the principles of animation and the skills of animating objects. You will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in the creation of advertising and special effects for the film and TV industry, multimedia solutions and websites.
Learn how to focus your creative energy and use your knowledge of user interface design on creating new business solutions.
Perfect the use in creating creative photography of all various tools required to process digital photos, whether it’s simple photo editing, advanced manipulation or working on that perfect masterpiece.
You will master modern studio sound equipment for recording, creating and sound processing. You will learn to manipulate sound with advanced sound processing and sound effects.
You will know learn how to transform your own idea into the script and raw video material and integrate it into the professional product using creative processing sound and image.
You will create a path from idea to realization, regardless of the fact that it is sometimes invisible, often difficult and never simple and easy. You will understand creativity, existing tools and the structure of storytelling as the basis of creating your own works. You will communicate clearly, present the scenario and write specifically according to the medium of communication.
You will master a number of sensitive skills required for alignment tasks and prioritization. You will learn how to stay composed and increase efficiency.

Examples of jobs we’re preparing you for:

Engineer for development of 3D models, animation and visualization

True experts in this field are hard to come by and are very sought-after.

Manager for multimedia projects

Become a leader of a multidisciplinary team and manage project execution.

Web designer

Every web design project needs a UI designer and other roles with skills and knowledge we will transfer to you.

Expert on digital and audio mastering

The quality of the final end product will rest on your shoulders.

Example Class

Creation of sound, sound effects and narration

In this course we will give you the opportunity to explore and learn all about sound effects. We will use hardware and software tools to create atmosphere, shape the sound environment, advanced audio and video editing to create an adequate atmosphere, as well as recording and applying narration to interactively deliver the background story of the video.

Study programme duration

6 semesters (3 years)

Semester duration

15 weeks of active teaching
+ 4 examination weeks

Total number of ECTS points


Algebra University Title

bacc. ing. in Multimedia Production

Bachelor in Multimedia Production

Certifications obtained during studies

ECDL Start
(4 exams)

Adobe Certified Professional – Digital Video using Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Certified Professional – Visual Effects & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects

Adobe Certified Professional – Visual Design using Photoshop

Adobe Certified Professional – Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign

Adobe Certified Professional – Graphic Design & Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator

HTML & CSS Coding Specialist

PHP Coding