in partnership with University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

The study program develops competencies with complex analysis, medium complexity problem solving in engineering, improves the ability to work as an efficient team member and to contribute to designing systems and processes in the area of computing, utilizing the fundamental knowledge of mathematics, physics and electrical engineering, backed up by the usage of contemporary computer tools.

The principal object of study in Computing is the computer as a universal data processing machine, together with the methods of its application in diverse areas.

In broader terms, Computing encompasses theory, methods of analysis and synthesis, design and construction and the application and operation of diverse computer systems.

IMPORTANT: For the academic year 2020/2021 we are enrolling 30 international, EU and Croatian students in undergraduate study Computing, which will be taught in English. Study program is being delivered as a part of faculty long-term internationalization initiative and accepts all students willing to get a broader global perspective. Computing study (FER3 program), is being conducted in cooperation with Algebra University (in establishment) but all graduates will receive FER undergraduate diploma and have the possibility to continue their higher education at the FER graduate study or any other relevant university in the world.

The whole application process is being conducted through our mentored institution, according to the inter-instutitional agreement and approval of Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, therefore please be so kind to follow this procedure:

  • For Croatian citizens:
    • be sure that you applied for the enrollment process and had successfully passed mathematics (A), croatian (B), English (B) and physics on the national exams (državna matura)
    • login to
    • in drop-down menu “Sve sastavnice” choose “ Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva i Sveučilište Algebra (u osnivanju):” and click “Traži”
    • in the table below, click the study “Computing” (Zagreb) and choose the study as your 1st pick
    • you will soon be contacted by the admission’s office for further information.
  • For EU and international students:

In-demand occupation

Did you know that over the past ten years software engineering jobs comprise 50% of total employment in Croatia? Choose a dynamic and interesting career for which demand will grow in the future.

Numerous benefits

During the course you will have the possibility to learn and obtain internationally recognized certificates and you’ll also get a Dreamspark Premium subscription to over 160 Microsoft products.

Plan your life

Our partners and employers are constantly on the lookout for talented students. We are here to connect you with them and to kick start your career while you are still studying. Our Career Center is there to answer all you questions.

Quality assurance

Algebra has been assessed as the best professional studies program in Croatia. Don’t settle for second best when your future is at stake!

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