Communication Skills

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  • Independent work 90
Total 120

Course title

Communication Skills

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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

Active learning methods; Learning styles.
Information gathering and analysis; Critical reasoning; Creative thiking.
Using communication technologies.
Personal presentation, resumee, homepages and profiles.
Interpersonal effectiveness; Conflict management.
Effective teamwork and collaboration; Organizing and participating in meetings.
Purpose and strategy of academic writing; Organization, style, and flow; Text organization patterns: general-specific texts, problem-solution, compare-contrast, cause-effect; Writing summaries.
Midterm exam.
Business written communication; Popular writing.
Oral presentation; Public speaking.
Visual presentation; Multimedia in presentations.
Argument preparation and presentation; Creating and using humor.
Cultural differences and etiquete.
Final exam.

Prerequisites for:

  1. Seminar

Required reading

John W. Davies (2001.), Communication Skills, Pearson Education
Thomas E. Harris, John C. Sherblom (2018.), Small Group and Team Communication, Waveland Press

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Write a structured and narrative biography and present it orally
  • Show their work and results in written and oral form to experts and the public
  • Report and communicate information, activities, needs and intentions effectively in oral, written and graphic form
  • Design and develop effective photo, audio and video
  • Select and evaluate relevant information and critically analyze them
  • Plan and implement effective meetings and negotiations
  • Analyze communication problems, avoid and resolve them
  • Compare cultural differences and norms, respect them and are appropriate to adopt
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