Electric Power Systems 2

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Electric Power Systems 2

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Course objectives

Historical overview of power systems; General characteristics of power systems; Croatian power system; European power system; Development directions.
Classification of overhead lines by their function, positions, materials and construction; Basic parts of overhead lines.
Composite conductors; Tower construction; Modern insulators; Advanced supporting equipment.
Conductor state equation; Critical conductor span; Critical conductor temperature.
Electric parameters of power cables; Electrical fields in power cables; Power cable construction, materials and dimensioning.
Carson formulae; Line resistance; Seminar; Project.
Inductance of single and composite conductors; Inductance of three-phase transmission lines; Line capacitance; Capacitance of three-phase transmission lines; Effect of bundling; Effect of earth; Seminar; Project.
Midterm exam.
The long transmission line: solution of the differential equations; The long transmission line: interpretation of the equations; The long transmission line: three forms of the equations.
Short, medium-lenght and long transmission line models; Î and T transmission line models; Voltage, current and power calculations using the line models; Correction factors.
Equivalent circuit of a power transformer; Determination of equivalent circuit parameters; Transformer performance.
Transmission equations using the ideal transmission lines; Ferranti effect; Voltage and current waveforms with different loadin conditions.
Power system elements for reactive power compensation and voltage regulation; The principles of reactive power compensation devices; Dimensioning of reactive power compensation and location selection; Seminar; Project.
Integration of renewable power sources; AC and DC transmission line comparison; Supergrid; Seminar; Project.
Final exam.

Required reading

(.), Marija Ožegović, Karlo Ožegović: Električne energetske mreže, FESB, 1996, ISBN 9536114194.,
Marija Ožegović, Karlo Ožegović (1996.), Električne energetske mreže I, FESB Split
Srete Nikolovski (1998.), Elektroenergetske mreže I, Elektrotehnički fakultet Osijek
Atif S. Debs (2012.), Modern Power Systems Control and Operation, Springer Science and Business Media
John J. Grainger, William D. Stevenson, Gary W. Chang (2016.), Power System Analysis

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Define the main principles of electric power transmission
  • Define the main principles of electric power transmission
  • Explain the function of electric transmission system elements
  • Analyze and calculate electric parameters of the elements of electric transmission system
  • Analyze the electric circumstances of electric transmission system
  • Plan the development of electric transmission system
  • Choose new elements of electric transmission system
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