Introduction to Molecular Biology and Genetics

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Course title

Introduction to Molecular Biology and Genetics

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Course objectives

Cell structure and function.
Basic chemical processes and cell communication.
Genes and principles of inheritance.
Gene interactions and gene modification.
DNA, structure and inheritance.
DNA replication.
DNA transcription; DNA translation.
Midterm exam.
Gene modification; Principles and tools for gene manipulation.
Vectors and DNA libraries; DNA sequencing.
White, red and green biotechology.
Genetic engineering tools.
Recombinant vaccine, monoclove antibodies and gene gun.
Transgenic plants and animals.
Final exam.

Required reading

(.), Introduction to genetic analysis, Griffiths,
(.), Biotechnology for Beginners, Renneberg

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Understand cells and genetic consequence of their devide
  • Understand basic principles of Inheritance
  • Describe DNA structure, replication and information expression
  • Comprehend the idea behing recombinant DNA technology and why it opens new possibilities in application
  • Explain the technical possibilities and constrains of biotechnology
  • Be able to compare traditional and modern appraches in gene and genome manipulation
  • Limits and unintended effects of gene technology
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