Low Voltage Networks and Microgrids

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Low Voltage Networks and Microgrids

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Course objectives

Introduction to AC and DC microgrids.
Microgrids investment models; Off-grid operation and control of microgrids.
Coordinated operation of microgrids and the power system; Modeling of the microgrid elements; Hyerarchial control of microgrids.
Environmental benefits of microgrids; Microgrid as an ancillary service provider.
Storage system operation in microgrids.
Low voltage protection devices; Protection coordination; Protection in activelow voltage grids.
Electric installations design; Load types, Load operation and control; Installations network protection.
Midterm exam.
Asymetries from electric installation connection; Demand response programs; Shedding load, coordinating consumption, load inertia.
Infrastructure requirements for demand response; Pricing demand response; Impact of demand response of the power system; Electric Vehicles as flexible load.
Connection to the MV utility distribution network; Connection to the LV utility distribution network; MV and LV architecture selection guide.
LV distribution; Characteristcs of particular sources and loads; Residental and other special locations electrical installations; Designing of LV electrical installation (ABB DOC).
Sizing and protection electrical equipment (ABB DOC); Selection of LV switchgear (ABB DOC); Economic evaluation od electrical design (ABB DOC).
Sizing and protection of conductors; LV switchgear: functions and selection; Protection against voltage srges in LV; Protection against electric shocks.
Final exam.

Required reading

(.), Electric Power Substations Engineering; J.D. McDonald; CRC Press; 2001,
(.), Electrical installation guide According to IEC International Standards; Merlin Gerin, Schneider Electric; (on-line); 2007; ISBN: -,
(.), Električne instalacije i niskonaponske mreže; Vjekoslav Srb; Tehnička knjiga; 1989; ISBN: 86-7059-108-1

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Explain and apply the basic concepts of low voltage networks
  • Explain the principles of microgrids
  • Analyze the voltage conditions in the low voltage network
  • Analyze the current situation in the low voltage network
  • Analyze low-voltage networks protection settings
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