Erasmus online exhibition: The Time of our lives!


The Time of our lives!

Check out memorable Erasmus+ moments our students captured in photos or videos during their Erasmus+ journey across the World!


Prijavi se za preddiplomski studij!


Informiraj se, prijavi i predbilježi za motivacijski razgovor u prijavnom uredu!

We offer a professional study program of the highest quality in Croatia according to the results of the evaluation of the quality assurance system carried out by National Agency for Science and Higher Education – ASHE.

We are the best educational organization in the world among 3,200 organizations evaluated by Microsoft!

We are the only institution in Croatia that has met the quality criteria of the Dutch-Flemish accreditation agency NVAO.

We are the only professional study program whose quality is continuously evaluated by FER and we have met the requirements for certification ever since 2009.

The “eSkills for Jobs” initiative encourages the development of ICT profession in the EU and the DigitalEurope organization has entrusted us with the implementation of their project in Croatia since 2012.


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Join one of our courses and get the best out of your winter! All of the courses we offer are interactive so you will be able to meet people from every corner of the world and spend 3 weeks learning new skills, getting to know the beauties of Croatia and earning credits.

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Get a taste of real business world and gain valuable experience.

Take advantage of internships during college at one of our partner employers in Croatia and abroad.

Excel at what you love doing. Light the spark.

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Why is Algebra a safe choice for your future?

A Strong

Here you will learn all about information technologies and prepare for a career that is constantly in demand. We offer you a platform for personal growth that makes you a prime target for employers.

Modern Methodology

We refuse to stand still in a rapidly changing world. Our programs stay relevant and keep up with modern trends.


We take pride in numerous accolades and our title of The best professional study program in Croatia and constantly strive to justify that trust. We do not take our task lightly, knowing that your future depends on it.


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