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Algebra University College is the flagship of largest private educational organization in Republic of Croatia and the region, present today in more than 20 cities across Croatia. Founded in 1998, we currently have more than 120 full-time employees and more than 400 associated experts. Throughout our first 20 years, we got to know all of you pretty well, and we firmly believe that you deserve only the very best.


Right of access to information

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Quality Assurance

Assurance of quality of the teaching process is our number one priority. This is the cornerstone of our common future.

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Accreditation and Partnership

Algebra University College completed its re-accreditation procedure in September 2012 with excellent marks.

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Mission & Vision

Who we are, why we are here and what are some of our goals for the future.

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Our Partners

Algebra University college is a member of the most renowned academic IT initiatives.

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Algebra LAB

We strongly believe in triple helix concept in which education, research and industry should interact and cooperate to develop, disseminate and use knowledge in continuous development circle. Therefore, we introduced Algebra LAB, research centre focused on three areas of research and applied projects with the industry:

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Legal Information

Legal information for Algebra University College.

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Message from the Dean

Let's create digital future together!

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Economic Council

Economic Council forms a bridge between economy and education. Its role is to ensure a balance on the labor market and to develop the community.

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The Best Professional Study Program in Croatia

We are the first private educational facility with a certificate of excellence and quality conforming with EU standards.

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Our Projects

Since 2008, we have elaborated over 20 development project proposals and applied with them to different programs and open calls for proposals, thus obtaining funding either from EU funds or other national and international sources.

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About Algebra

Your time spent in higher education should not be just an intermezzo, a short break between the innocence of school life and the harsh future where hope that you will ever find a career you love slowly wanes.

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Organization Structure

If you want to know more about Algebra, check out our organizational structure.

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What makes us different?

Three key reasons to choose us and start building your career.

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Why is Algebra a safe choice for your future?

A Strong

Here you will learn all about information technologies and prepare for a career that is constantly in demand. We offer you a platform for personal growth that makes you a prime target for employers.

Modern Methodology

We refuse to stand still in a rapidly changing world. Our programs stay relevant and keep up with modern trends.


We take pride in numerous accolades and our title of The best professional study program in Croatia and constantly strive to justify that trust. We do not take our task lightly, knowing that your future depends on it.


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