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Algebra LAB – the center of our research

We strongly believe in triple helix concept in which education, research and industry should interact and cooperate to develop, disseminate and use knowledge in continuous development circle. Therefore, we introduced Algebra LAB, research centre focused on three areas of research and applied projects with the industry:

Data science

Our researcher’s expertise include wide range of methods, technology and projects related to data science and data economy. Within this area our researchers implemented numerous research projects including churn management models, customer lifetime management models, cost allocation and management systems, advanced visualization and data science/big data architecture services. Areas/industries of expertise include labour market analysis, VET implementation, NSI support (dissemination databases, advanced visualization and data monetization scenarios) while client range include domestic and international clients including governments and government institutions.

Our team’s recent achievements include having a winning project at the 1st Big Data Hackathon organized by EUROSTAT and the European Commission in partnership with IN2 (March 2017). For that event our professors designed a system for monitoring and predicting the need for knowledge and skills on the EU labor market based on data from the Eurostat database.

We are currently developing a first complete system which integrates telco geolocation data and fiscalization data in order to better understand tourist behavior to adapt to their needs, in collaboration with Combis, Apis-IT, THT, and the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (presented in September 2017). We are also collaborating with ABG Nielsen to develop a product which the company will be able to use to perform various analyses using an interactive tool adapted to their needs (presented in October 2017).

Digital educational content

Within this area our researchers / experts implemented numerous research and implementation projects in designing and producing digital educational and assessment content and systems for different purposes, including content supporting formal primary school educational programs, content for adult education, corporate training programs and digital content for accredited online study programs. Our clients in this area are numerous organizations, companies, universities and national states.

Labour market strategy and analytics

Our experts are actively involved in numerous activities and projects in this area where we develop labour market strategic documents, implementation studies as well as meta-models of labour market data analytics systems (i.e. Sector profiles, evidence based policy support tools, …) in Croatia, Serbia, FYRM, ….

Knowledge management

Within this area our researchers / experts implemented numerous research projects in national qualifications

Frameworks including: modelling, management and governance of NQF’s, recognition of non-formal and informal learning and models of NQF IT support systems. Stated projects were implemented for national and international clients, including different national states and international organizations.

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