Quality Assurance

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Quality assurance and efficiency of teaching at Algebra University College have been given a central position because the acceptance of high quality as work model is inevitable in order to ensure long-term prosperity of the institution. In this sense, the founder applied ten years of experience in promotion and implementation of the quality assurance system in education to the establishment of the University College and incorporated this experience into strategic objectives of the development strategy of the institution.
In this regard, an international project was launched in 2009 in order to assess and improve quality assurance systems in professional higher education institutions and was initiated exactly by the Algebra University College. Croatian partners in this project consisted of: Council of Polytechnics and Colleges, Algebra University College (http://www.racunarstvo.hr), Marko Marulić Polytechnic of Knin and Polytechnic of Slavonski Brod. The Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders – NVAO (http://www.nvao.net) participated in the project as coordinator and expert foreign partner. More about the project can be read here: www.heiq.net.

The introduction of internal quality assurance system and its implementation and use in higher education is essential so that students, employers and wider community could gain and maintain trust that the institution is conducting educational activities for which it has received public authority expressed through accreditation in a correct and socially useful way. In case of higher education institutions, the definition of educational plans and study programmes as well as methods and criteria of assessment are largely left to the institution itself so that an internal quality assurance system is needed in order to conduct these processes transparently. In contrast to institutions which conduct classes according to prescribed programmes and where learning outcomes are assessed by an independent external audit (e.g. secondary school system and national secondary school leaving examination), in case of higher education, the internal quality assurance system is assessed in order to evaluate the institution and ensure transparency of its work.

Algebra University College is aware of the great social responsibility entrusted to the institution through public authorities in regard to career development of students and expectations of employers and the economy that the institution will be educating high-quality employees who are employable and ready to contribute to the competitiveness of the Croatian economy. In this sense, our strategic orientation is directed towards the development of an internal quality assurance system which will create and retain confidence of the wider community and further develop our quality with the aim of maintaining acquired accreditation and certifications.

Internal quality assurance system developed by Algebra University College is articulated, documented and transparent and comprehensively covers all aspects of its work, not only educational activities. It recognizes the interests of employees, but also the interests of students, employers, national economy and national and European strategic development guidelines. The quality assurance system adequately includes students, employees, employers and other relevant factors providing them with clear functions and influences on all processes conducted at the University College. The system prescribes operating procedures, authorities and responsibilities through appropriate normative acts.

In organizational terms, this system recognizes roles and responsibilities of internal units and individuals concerning quality assurance and prescribes and monitors all of the expected and achieved results. Through redefinition of key performance indicators (KPI) and objectives concerning quality, which need to be continuously implemented by the Committee for Quality Assurance, the establishment and implementation of quality assurance system and its basic values is ensured together with a follow-up on its fulfillment, revision and necessary alignment.

Monitoring of the quality of work in education is carried out through two basic mechanisms:

A. Evaluation of work by students and lecturers

For the purpose of this evaluation an internal system of surveys is being used which is represented by the Internet application available to students in order to assess the quality of the work of teachers, quality of teaching, curriculum and learning materials through comprehensive surveys. Surveys are conducted anonymously after the first mid-term exams and at the end of each program (course) and if necessary, a number of weeks after the end of the program. Survey results are available to persons responsible for organizing classes as well as to teachers in the form of statistically analyzed results. In order to ensure recognition of the results of the survey by teachers, each of them should submit a report to the Committee for Quality Assurance and include his opinion on the results of the survey.

B. Evaluation of achievements and knowledge of students

Evaluation of student satisfaction can provide insight into the quality of work, while complete answers can be obtained by assessing the knowledge of students internally and externally. In this regard, the achievement of learning outcomes, passing rate, number of credits attained and presence in classes provide good insight into the results of the learning process (internal). This is further complemented by the results achieved in international certification examinations (for those courses where they exist) in order to additionally determine the actual level of knowledge achieved through external and objective evaluation. The last, but not less important, element of the external assessment of the achievements of the educational process will come from the assessment of employers who employ our students and will be conducted through continuous monitoring of the community of alumni by the Career Centre.
In order to achieve our vision and become the first choice in professional higher education in the field of computing and digital technologies in the region, we will continue to direct all our strength, knowledge, faith and experience towards the development and implementation of a comprehensive, transparent and documented quality assurance system. This is at the same time our strong strategic commitment.

Committee for Quality Assurance

The Committee for Quality Assurance of the Algebra University College ensures the effectiveness of quality improvement processes and monitors the efficiency of the implementation of internal mechanisms for the assurance and improvement of quality at the Algebra University College particularly with regard to the following elements:

  • self-evaluation
  • development of quality indicators
  • participation of students in the monitoring of the quality of the implementation of study programmes,
  • examination of the efficiency of studying and causes of poor quality, inefficient and prolonged studying,,
  • examination of the competences of teachers,
  • training of University College teachers (lifelong learning),,
  • training of administrative and technical staff,
  • evidence on the improvement of teaching,
  • quality of general and specific competencies achieved through the study programme,
  • definition and introduction of the type of standardization in the administrative part of the University College,
  • evaluation of reports on the implementation of teaching and feedback given to teachers,
  • evaluation of comments and suggestions of students, teachers and staff of the University College,,
  • participation in the work of at least one thematic session of the Professional Council per semester which addresses the issues of quality…


Committee for Quality Assurance

President of the Committee for Quality Assurance

  • Silvija Grgić

Members of the Committee for Quality Assurance

  • Tomislav Dominković
  • Norman Momčilović
  • mr.sc. Ratka Jurković
  • Danijel Kučak
  • mr.sc. Dragutin Vuković MSc (external stakeholder from the industry)

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