We are convinced that digital technologies are important for the development of the society and that they raise the level of competitiveness on the world market and we are aware of the lack of experts in Croatia in this particular area.


The scholarship program consists of the following options:

  1. A) Scholarships for excellence
    scholarships covering 5 – 15% of Tuition Fee for all tree years of the undergraduate study program for the best international full-time students who achieve best results on Entrance Exam.
  2. B) Scholarships for senior students
    10 scholarships covering 10% to 30% of tuition fees for second and third year undergraduate students and second year graduate students who achieve outstanding results.

Description of scholarship program options

  1. A) Algebra University College is ready to offer scholarships to outstanding full-time undergraduate students covering the 5 – 15% of tuition fee! This scholarship is available to excellent applicants who achieve best results on Entrance Exam. The application for this scholarship is completed in the same way as the applications for scholarships from the economic fund, by completing and submitting the request available here, by sending additional documentation and by completing a motivational interview at the International Office.
  2. B) Maximum of 10 (ten) scholarships each year covering 10% (ten percent) to 30% (thirty percent) of tuition fees of the second or third year of the study program for full-time or part-time undergraduate students in accordance with the results achieved during the study program as well as for second year graduate students. Students who are already enrolled apply for this program through the application form available within the Infoeduka digital student service system.

Applications for scholarships from the scholarship program and the procedure for awarding scholarships

Application for scholarships from program A is completed by submitting requests available from the menu at the bottom of the page and by submitting a detailed CV and relevant documentation acting as proof of statements made in the applicant’s request and CV to the e-mail address:

The applicant must be prepared to explain his request for scholarship through a motivational interview.

Applications for undergraduate study programs will be evaluated based on:

  • secondary school results with an average grade of at least 4.2,
  • results achieved at Entrance Exam in mathematics
  • relevant projects, in case the candidate has participated in such projects,
  • letters of recommendation, etc.

Applications for graduate study programs will be evaluated based on:

  • relevant projects, in case the candidate has participated in such projects,
  • results achieved (average grade achieved in all courses) in the previous study program,
  • letters of recommendation, etc.

Students who enroll in the study program and pay the enrolment fee or the full tuition amount prior to the completion of the scholarship competition can apply for scholarships and, in case of scholarship approval, Algebra University College will refund the amount paid in case a scholarship is awarded.

Scholarship program deadlines

Applications for scholarships from program A are closed on the first day of enrolment in the summer enrolment period.
Applications for scholarships from program B are closed 10 days before the beginning of classes in the academic year for which the student is applying.

General notes for all scholarship programs

Scholarships that are awarded for the entire three-year undergraduate study program are awarded unconditionally and cover 5 – 15% of tuition costs for all three years of the study program. The scholarship does not cover commission exams, repetition of particular courses, re-enrolment in the same year of study, etc. Scholarships awarded for a particular year of study apply to that year only. Further scholarships for senior years are also available (program B) and are awarded year after year in a way that they are related to the results achieved in the previous year of study (grades and number of credits achieved in each course).
Algebra University College is under no obligation to approve scholarships in case the quality of received applications is not satisfactory.
Scholarship programs are not cumulative and scholarships cannot be added, but students can choose (between programs they have qualified for) the one that is the most convenient to them.

Scholarship documents 2018 - 2019

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