Tuition Fee

Annual tuition fee at Algebra University college depends on the chosen model of tuition fee payment listed in the table below.


  1. Tuition fee for the enrolment in the first year of graduate studies depends on the chosen model of tuition fee payment. The application fee for international students is 200 EUR (non refundable). After the application we schedule a skype interview with a student.
One-time advance annual tuition fee payment before the the start of academic year 4.960 EUR
One-time annual tuition fee payment through credit cards * 5.300 EUR
Annual tuition fee payment through 2 installments (payment before the start of each semester) 5.300 EUR

Annual tuition fee includes 60 ECTS credits.

2.Tuition fee for the enrolment in the second year is regulated as the tuition fee for the enrolment in the first year, stated under the 1th item, term B of this act
3. Courses that students repeat or enroll additionaly, are added to the basic annual tuition fee. Price of the course is calculated by the following formula: Number of ECTS credits of the course x price of the 1 ECTS credit in the chosen payment method = Price of the course.

Note: In case the selected annual tuition fee payment model includes 2 installments, students or other tuition fee payers are required to bring a blank promissory note notarized in the amount of 50.000,00 kn. The promissory note serves as a means of ensuring payment and is used during the entire duration of the study program.

 ** Tutition fees stated under terms A and B, besides ECTS credits, can involve additional items regulated by Tuition fee payment Contract singed between Algebra University College as one and tuition fee payer/or student as the other part. The national currency in Croatia is Kuna, and all payments must be conducted in Kuna. All the prices on this page are approximate values in EUR.

In case you have once been enrolled in a study program, are still studying at a related university college or have acquired relevant industrial IT certifications through lifelong learning, contact us to find out the approximate tuition fee reduction.

Should you be needing any additional information, our International Office is at your disposal. 

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