Image for Algebra and NATO awarded the best white hackers at the Security Day competition

Algebra and NATO awarded the best white hackers at the Security Day competition

A prize fund of over HRK 100,000 was awarded to the best graduates, students and ICT professionals for demonstrated knowledge in the field of cyber security.

Security Day competition was held on Algebra's campus on Saturday, where the best white hackers in Croatia competed. The competition was held in three categories adapted to different levels of knowledge, in which 73 registered graduates, students and ICT professionals demonstrated their skills in the field of cyber security. The competition itself was held according to the CTF principle (Capture The Flag), in the fields of cryptography, reverse engineering, vulnerabilities of web applications and operating systems.

Competitors in each category faced hacker tasks, such as decoding and decrypting messages, breaking passwords and various forms of intrusion into systems, and the success of the competitors was evaluated by a specialized IT system, where the methodology was not questioned, but the efficiency and speed of solving the tasks.

Antonio Fran Štignjedec, who achieved 130 points out of a possible 210, was awarded full tuition fees for the first year of professional undergraduate studies in Applied Computing for the Program or Systems Engineering majors, the value of which is almost HRK 40,000. The best in the student category was Mario Vata, who achieved 275 out of a possible 380 points, winning the full tuition fee for the first year of a professional graduate study in Applied Computing for the Program or System Engineering majors worth HRK 42,840. The ICT professional who proved to be the best cyber security expert is Kristian Magaš, who scored 260 out of a total of 340 points and was awarded a voucher for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training organized by the EC-Council and a certification exam worth over HRK 21,000.

"Very successful Security Day competition where talented current and future cyber security experts competed just ended. Cyber security is becoming more and more important every day, and there is a chronic shortage of experts in this field, both in the world and in Croatia. We are proud that NATO recognized Algebra's efforts in educating a new generation of cyber security experts, and we want to continue to make the Croatian public aware of the importance of this topic," said Zlatan Morić, head of the cyber security department at Algebra.

The all-day Security Day competition was organized for the first time by Algebra in cooperation with NATO and the EC-Council, and the purpose of the competition is to make the Croatian market aware of the hot topic of cyber security, which is becoming increasingly important globally and nationally.

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